The Cherry  Post No.121 + 122 | Building Myself Back Up

The Cherry Post No.121 + 122 | Building Myself Back Up

The Cherry  Post No.121 + 122 | Building Myself Back Up

Hello all to a special double Cherry Post

As always before I start the post, don’t forget to check out the clearance prints. They will only be available til 6th July where I be taking them to the next event Bonfirecherry shall be appearing at which is a craft fair at Abington Park Museum in Northampton aka my favourite venue. Anyway you can find all the clearance prints here.

Well some of this Cherry Post is going to be a bit awkward to write as you will find out but it is Bonfirecherry related so that’s why I will be talking about it in the Cherry Post.

I start off the post by talking about some wonderful customer feedback that Bonfirecherry always loves to receives, I have updated the customer feedback page here.



Last Sunday I decided to do something I haven’t done in quite some time and that was doing a livestream on twitter, facebook & Instagram showing off most of the items Ive got available to order from the clearance sale, Bonfirecherry Etsy shop or buying from Bonfirecherry privately. Check out the livestream I did on twitter in the video above. If you want Bonfirecherry to do more livestreams please comment below!

One of the things I showed off during the livestream was badges, I decided to show all of them last Monday in a small video. Which badge design do you like? Comment below as I would love to know & maybe YOU WILL RECEIVE A 10% DISCOUNT CODE

Last week I was having a tidy up where during that, I found some more of the classic Bonfirecherry design “Mevagissey” a discontinued linocut print that was in the clearance sale I talked about at the start of the post inspired by the Cornwall town of the same name, so I have added it back into the sale which you can find here.



Thursday was an interesting day as in the morning I travelled out of Northampton to a small village called Crick for a job interview. The place is too far out for my liking and the job wasn’t really for me but the positive thing was I got to Crick just below an hour before the interview so had to pass the time. This was around 8 in the morning so there wasn’t much open so I spent the time walking around taking pics, I liked the area but on the way here on the bus we travelled through at least 3 villages that was more pretty in my opinion I suppose to my American/international readers would have liked it as it had the old England look that is well liked.

From last Friday to Monday I decided to close both the shop on this site and the one I’ve got at Etsy for a few days, first I planned to have closed it for Saturday as I was planning on going away on another train trip on an old fashion stream train (find about the previous trips here) but then got interviewed for a 4 day interview between Friday to Monday at a warehouse.

For those who don’t know, ever since February I have been out of work and with that I’ve been looking for work ever since to keep Bonfirecherry up and running but more and more I’m having no luck with sales going down more and more. With that I’ve had to put Bonfirecherry on the back burner at the moment til I can sort everything else first, that’s why I’ve been quiet on certain things and why I’ve set up a personal twitter account as i’m not sure when/if I have to put Bonfirecherry on hiatus as at this current time I’m broke I don’t have much money.

That’s why I’ve set up the Bonfirecherry patreon and doing the livestreams at the moment, any support at the moment is truly keeping Bonfirecherry around.

Something personally that has became a challenge for me this year which has never been one in the past and that is an anxiety. At the time I’m writing this I’m currently switching doctors to ones closer to home to then get an appointment about it as ever since February it’s really been effecting me at times, the most recently being at the 4 day interview I just mentioned. I got sometime into it with the warehouse having tons of staff there and during an introduction I started to suffer from a anxiety/panic attack which put me off doing the rest of the training.

Disappointed & annoyed with myself as I want to build myself back to how I was at the start of the year but this has became something that is holding me back from that has never became a problem in the post. Among with another problem that people who know me personally will know about, this has some influence with Bonfirecherry but I think I will go into that another time.

During this week, I confess there isn’t much to talk about til Thursday where all the events of the week all happened at once.



To start Thursday off I got a phone called from Abington Park Museum which was surprise to tell me about the Art In The Park print I submitted last month to pick it up. I should have picked it up last weekend but everything going on I completely forgot so I headed over to the other side of town to pick it up.

Just before I was about to head out, the post arrived and with that there was an envelope full of leaflets for the craft fair I’ve got at Abington Park Museum craft fair leaflet to help promote the event (noticed I’ve mentioned the name 3 times already in this post, I wonder what happen if I mention the name a 4th time?).

In 15 days time til I return to Abington Park Museum with Bonfirecherry, if you want to know more about Art in The Park that I mentioned, click here


I’m looking for forward to this #Etsymakersnorthants meet us this evening

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It’s been awhile since I went to the last #EtsymakersNorthants meet up and I knew there was going to be one on Thursday evening but didn’t plan on going to it for a few reasons but a friend and fellow Etsy member Michelle Batcock of the amazing Magnificent Makes UK convinced me otherwise (can't say no to creative and wonderful women), find her facebook here and etsy here.


Great time with this #etsymakersnorthants meet up

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This #EtsymakersNorthants meet-up was at a lovely small café called Heathers on the Kettering Road in Northampton, I discovered this lovely café after the owners bought some of my products at a fair I did at the museum mentioned at least 3 times in this blog posts and have become friends ever since.

The meet-up was from 7pm and I got there about 10 minutes early just as other members, some that I know already or meet before at previous meet-ups were arriving. In total there was around 12 of us if I counted correctly, like the last meet-up I was the only male member there but I suppose that be considered a good thing as being the only man there people can remember my name etc haha

We started off the meet-up by introducing ourselves

  • Michelle introduced herself first as she was the host this evening
  • Helen from Whitestitchlane, who produces free motion stitch embroidery. Find her shop here.
  • This group is full of people who have been on Etsy for years to whose who are about to open there shop soon and was Lucy who was looking into opening an Etsy shop with art she has made using recycled products such as tin metal and packaging, how cool is that?
  • Tracey from SewVeryEnglish, whose shop is full of personalised stitchery & cards. You can find her shop here.
  • Next was Sally-Jane with Madebysallyjane who loves to design and make cards, cushions, embroidered samplers & quilts. Find her shop here.
  • Claire started her Etsy shop last year called CSeelyGlassDesign which sells traditonally handmade stained glass gifts, which you can find here 
  • I’m not the only linocut printmaker in the group, there is Kat Lendacka who also produces unique products using linocut. You can find her wonderful products here, one of the sellers that took part in Etsy Makers Northants first Etsy Made Local last year. I am thinking as I done some interviews in the past with fellow linocut printmakers called Printmakers Unite, maybe I should bring it back? Comment below.
  • Sue from BeadstormJewellery (really cool name btw!) which sells handmade original jewellery using carefully selected gemstones, crystals & pearls
  • Amanda was an Etsy seller that was at the last meet-up, a very talented person who runs the shop HalfPintPrint found here. She has now launched a website which you can find here
  • Jo from JosDogBoutique who produces lovely fabric dog collars, which you dog owners can find here 
  • Lastly it was Heather who owns the café we were having the meet-up at with her husband and is a new member to the group hoping to open an Etsy shop soon.

After the introductions we went onto talking about how Etsy has changed recently and soon there is going to be another lot of changes such as 1.5% increase in transactions fees and soon you be able to pay a monthly subscription fee to access more tools that etsy sellers can use behind the scene to help further promote their products. There has been a lot of people moaning on forums about the increase fee among everything else but our group was ok with it, some people just don’t like change.

Last year Etsy Makers Northants hosted our first Etsy Made Local, we are hoping by the end of this year to have an Etsy Pop-up shop in Northampton similar how other Etsy groups have done such as in Oxford who done well when they did it. At the moment it’s more about finding the perfect location as there is so many choices to choose from in Northampton, it’s something I truly hope we do as it will be fun & help spread the word of local/small Northampton based businesses as there is a lot of them!.

We then talked about our experiences with listings on Etsy and sharing advice to what changes we can make to help improve sales etc

The changes to Etsy, the pop-up shop & listings were mainly the subjects we talked about throughout the evening, the time really flew by as we didn’t finish the meet-up til 9.15pm!

During the meet-up I personally got invited to another team on Etsy called “Good Present Ideas. Unusual Handmade Goods” which I will have a good look about during the weekend. Recently I’ve been getting a lot of interest in the classic Bonfirecherry design “Camera No.2” that I discontinued last year but as I’m getting interest in it, I have decided to bring this cool vintage camera design back!

With that, I will bring back the Camera No.2 tote bags (the one shown in the picture for this post) but means I have re-create the lino as the reason I haven’t produced any in quite sometime is that I’ve lost the lino which is a huge pain. Comment or email via the contact page if interested in one!

I think that’s everything for this week’s double Cherry Post, didn’t expect this double CP post to this long!

If you got any suggestions what I can do a blog post about, comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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