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Hello to this week’s Cherry Post!

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With that out of the way, lets get this weeks Cherry Post started!

Saturday was a pretty productive day, I got around the third & final part of a big commission I’ve been working on the past few weeks. Normally a custom project wouldn’t take me this long but the print shed is so hot at the moment (need to get air-con or something in the future) so I’ve been printing outside in the garden to cut down any chances of my messes and marks. Due to how hot it’s been recently & that I don’t do so well in the heat it’s brought it’s challenges.


I returned to the garden again Sunday morning, pretty early in the morning so it was bright but not too hot to produce some totes for Bonfirecherry’s first event of 2018. I only had a few colours to choose from, mainly purple as the pics will give away.



Mainly this week is about preparing for the Thursday event which is a charity beauty event at Debenhams in Northampton that I managed to get a stall at (I used to work there for five years and done a print for an ex-colleague and got offered a stall in return), I’ve mainly been focusing on shoe, handbag and dress designs all 3 I have got designs of.

I brought back the “Can You Even Walk In Those” and “The Bag That Contains Everything” designs for the event.


But before I talk about the event, on Wednesday I met up with an old friend Julia Harris from JMHPhotostories for a “photo walk” as she calls it. Haven’t met up with Julia for awhile so it was good to have a catch up. We spent a fair few minutes trying to find a location she wanted us to wear bright colours for, it was like a journey trying to find it but had no luck so we went somewhere else instead a park in Kingsthorpe, Northampton that I never been so it was good going there instead too it was just good to chat up and have a chat about things so honestly didn’t mind I found it funny haha.

Don’t know name of the park despite going past it many times over the years. Julia had her dog with her, I confess I’m not a big fan of dogs but was alright with her cutie (cant remember her name). We had a good walk around the park getting inspiration from different things such as houses and trees which we took pictures of. Honestly if you get the chance to have a photo walk with Julia, I highly recommend taking it.  You can find more about Julia via her website here .

After spending the past few days preparing the stock, Thursday came for Bonfirecherry’s first event of 2018 which was a charity beauty event at Debenhams.

I got to Debenhams early (always best to get to places early) to set up early but took awhile to get a table to do so but think it was a good spot.

Normally I can predict if the event will attract a lot of people who would be interested in my work but this is a different situation, there was a lot of people but obviously as it was a department store it wouldn’t attract my sort of customers but was up for a challenge that’s why I accept going knowing there was a risk of it being hit or miss but was thinking positive.

The event turned out to be a miss but had people take business cards with some interest and a custom project which I will be working on.. it’s going to be out of this world, that’s all going to say about the project.

If you listened to episode 3 of the Bonfire Banter podcast (if you haven’t, why haven’t you? 😉) I talked about my previous experiences at fairs (mainly craft fairs), click the banner at the top of the page to find it.

After finishing the custom project I talked about at the start of the post, I will mainly focusing on Bonfirecherry’s future eg what I need to plan and think about to make sure I want to run bonfirecherry full time and with that it requires a lot of planning and some serious decisions but I will reveal more about that closer to the time.

I think that’s everything for this week’s Cherry Post, thank you for reading!



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