The Cherry Post No.118 | Kept You Waiting, hey?

This week has a very productive one, it involved a lot of bread.. you will see what I mean soon. But before that don’t forget to check out the clearance linocut prints here at, discontinued prints reduced to great prices don’t miss out as there is limited stock! I'm currently unemployed, any sales from clearance or anything will truly support new designs

With that out of the way, let’s continue to talk about what Bonfirecherry has got up to this week.

Bonfirecherry has mainly been outside this week working on a big commission, it’s been such beautiful weather the past few weeks and with that I’m a pretty messy person so for this project to cut down the mess I decided to do a lot of what I had planned into the garden. The print shed is a bit of a mess which I’m currently working on due to room for stall props and other stuff due to it being a small shed so most likely won’t see it again til next week.



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Anyway, on Friday in the morning after finishing some much needed house work the weather was nice so decided to sit out in the garden to carve some new custom designs that you will see on custom tea towels towards the end of the post.



I had some lino leftover from the carving and that gave me an interesting idea to do some pyramids shaped designs. Took me all week but finally got some good ideas ready to put into the lino but you will have to wait til after the custom project is finished to get a tease of them.

I did go out bowling on the Friday evening and towards the end of the night Dene (aka friend and co-host of Bonfire Banter) contacted me to say that episode 2 is live after weeks of him editing for weeks due to an audio problem, you can find episode 2 here

It’s well worth a listen we talk about subjects such as privacy on social media among other subjects , you won’t have to wait for episode 3 which was recorded last weekend.



It the Royal Wedding on Saturday morning, I was looking forward to doing print work to avoid it (I just couldn’t stand the hype) BUT and it was a big but.. I ordered some ink from Amazon on Thursday for the big custom project which should have arrived Friday but didn’t.

The ink didn’t arrive til Saturday afternoon aka after the wedding which kind of ruined my plans for the day so instead I worked on some designs for the pyramid shaped lino mentioned above.


Time to do some printing in the garden!

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So it wasn’t til Sunday when I started to work on this big custom project for a client I’ve worked with many times in the past, with that the Bonfirecherry gazebo got up and got straight into doing print work in the garden!

This custom project involves 50 tea towels with 3 different designs + 50 totes with 2. Most of the print work between Sunday to Thursday involved printing the 1st of the 3 designs for the tea towels first before doing the rest after, mainly been taking my time due to the tea towels being high quality and want to cut down any mess (as mentioned previously I’m a bit of a messy person).

Downside to doing print work in the garden and want to take my time is that the ink dries quicker that it would so it was challenging to get a balance of applying enough ink etc and because of this went through the ink a lot quicker than expected. Thankfully got enough for this commission but will need to get some after.

The rest of Sunday involved GDPR, emailing all my customers about what Bonfirecherry does with your information among other stuff. It was fun to contact my old customers but that was it. Got the GDPR stuff done early, my only problem with it that it was all a bit sudden for small businesses and not a lot of information to go off I had to hunt it down via Etsy and other crafters. Crafters/Small business owners, what is your view on GDPR?



Being getting a lot of commutation from one of my best friends and co-host of the #BonfireBanter podcast, Dene this week and all of them have been with good news. On Sunday evening Dene contacted me to share me episode 3 which we recorded the weekend before, a rough edit of the episode I believe but the episode should be out soon (you won’t need to wait so long this time). We are planning on recording episode 4 this weekend.



Most of the week was just working on the custom project so I thought I record a short video of what it is like printing in the garden.

During the past week I have been chatting to my friend + #BonfireBanter co-host about Bonfirecherry getting a business email eg and this week he helped get BC get one!



Previously you could email Bonfirecherry with now it's if you got any questions and even got one for the #Bonfirebanter podcast with how cool is that?! 



Something else that cheered me up this week was sales on my clearance prints, don’t miss out on owning a Bonfirecherry print at a great price only while stock is last.

I think that’s about it for this week, thanks for reading!

P.S.  I'm currently unemployed, any sales from clearance or anything will truly support new designs


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