The Cherry Post No.117 | Exhibitions, Giveaways & Ideas

The Cherry Post No.117 | Exhibitions, Giveaways & Ideas

Hello to this week’s Cherry Post.

Reminder before I get to the meat of what Bonfirecherry has been up to the past 7 days that here at you can get discontinued linocut prints going as far back as 2013 reduced to amazing prices, you can find it here.

With that out of the way, lets start this post!



Well it was a good start to the week that I had a very boring Friday, the wireless adapter in my print laptop/tablet (Acer Aspire Switch) suddenly went corrupt so meant I wasn’t able to get wifi, I can use mobile data when I can’t get wifi but ran out of so other words I had no use to the internet and when you are running a small business that isn’t quite helpful. So I spent the day trying to sort that out without no luck. As you will find out during the post I managed to get it a way.



Either last week or the week before I mentioned I was going to take part in #EtsymakersNorthants first Instagram loop giveaway and on Friday the winners was announce where someone won one of the gold “Rabbit’s Aren’t Just For Easter” tote bags which I produced a copy of for on Saturday.



 After that I headed over to Abington Park Museum to the private opening for the artists who submitted work to the museum’s Art In The Park exhibition, it was between 12-1 and for someone who usually arrives early to events, I got around there at 12.30 half way through where most of the artists have gone but was a bit more peaceful looking around at the other entries. I be honest, I am happy that I have entered something into my first exhibition BUT at first I was happy with the design I produced but closer to the event I wasn’t sure and then last week when I produced a two tone version of it I ended up preferring that to this. Not saying the design is bad, I like the design but feels like I should have done better with it especially compared to the other work that other artists submitted into the exhibition, I know I can do better. I will start working on a really good design that I can show off the best I can for next years exhibition.


About to produce new episode of #BonfireBanter (episode 3)

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On Sunday I headed back down to my friends Denes house to record episode 3 of Bonfire Banter which time around we talked about craft fairs and business motivators. Despite it being weeks since we recorded episode 2, the episode is still getting edited as there was a problem with the audio our voices were pretty low (mainly mine when I am normally a loud person) so he is editing it all which is taking awhile but it will be worth the wait trust me!



Something I received on Sunday was something to help my laptop/tablet get back onto wifi, got myself a wifi usb from USB which has worked. Took awhile to catch up on everything I missed out on the previous 2 days.



On Monday, the first thing I did was gift wrap and send the prize I entered into #EtsymakersNorthants giveaway to the winner. I am planning on producing more Rabbits Aren’t Just For Easter totes for events this year as it is a popular design. What do you think of the design? Comment below



 After that I spent most of the day working on stall layouts again, I know my next event isn’t til Saturday 7th July but want to sort a new layout out using the new props I bought recently so I can focus on preparing new stock next month. I spent awhile debating on how I should arrange the stall props and I think I’ve came up with a good idea making sure to give whatever products I will use the props for gave them height (see the main image for this post).

1. Going to have clearance prints in the box
2. I will produce a big sign advertising custom work etc 
3. Decided to ditch the tote bag stand and will pile the totes and tea towels on the ladder and will display an example of them in front of the stall.
4. Will use the plant boxes to display the new designs the front box A5 + back box A4/A3
5. Will use it for A5 notebooks, the remaining ones I produced in 2016
6. The basket will be used for badges



The next day I thought about the stall layout again and had some ideas about the ladder (yet again, trust me this will be the last til near July) thinking about what someone said to me awhile ago. I got told to use it for something else part from prints and with that in mind I thought about what a retail shop would use it for as I used to work in retail for a few years and decided to use it for tote bags/tea towels & other hand printed fabric products. What do you think?



Staying on the topic of tea towels, during this weekend I will be working on a big custom project starting off with some custom tea towels before some custom tote bags. These tea towels are a different to the ones I’ve had in the past, these ones are different quality higher quality which I never knew I could get your hands on, expect some Bonfirecherry designs in the future.

With that I think that’s all for this week, if you got any ideas what I could do a blog post or livestream eg please let me know in the comments.


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