The Cherry Post No.116 | More Great Finds

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

Before I get into the meat of what Bonfirecherry has been up to this week, I thought I say that Bonfirecherry’s clearance sale has returned a week after I stopped it and gave it a permanent spot at which can be found here. Since the private sale on social media I have found some other designs that I have now added. Speaking of social media, due to the shop returning to this site I have been able to have a new option on the Bonfirecherry Instagram.. you can now buy the clearance prints via the Bonfirecherry Instagram too!

With that of the way, let’s start the 116th Cherry Post!



I start off talking about last Friday where I started off the day off by heading to Abington Park Museum to finally drop off the “The Golden View Of Guildhall” linocut print I produced for the museums Art In The Park which starts the day after this blog post is published (Friday 11th May) so expect next week’s CP to be about yours truly attending that.





Saturday was a productive day, as mentioned at the start of this post the clearance sale is back and here at so most of Saturday was taking pics of the clearance prints, add them to the site and then remember how the behind of the scenes bits of the shop works. I can honestly say it took many many hours.



I started Sunday off by attending another car boot, getting up early on a Sunday brought us an amazing sight of a hot air balloon just setting off from the field that the first car boot me and my grandad attended on that day.



Like the last car boot (swamp meet to my American readers) I was looking for items to use at craft fairs eg props and it didn’t take long. The time I got to the car boot there was only about 6 stalls set up and it was the 4th stall set up that brought the first great find of the day, a great looking wooden ladder for £2!

Only thing wrong with the ladder was the bottom right leg had wood worm but the ladder was the right size + weight that I couldn’t say no to it.

The rest of the car boot was a bit of a miss, there wasn’t really anything that caught my attention so me and my grandad traveled to a village nearby to another car boot that was on that day. We were at the first carboot for a few hours so we didn’t want to be at the second for long.



Similar to the start of the morning, the next great find was a few stalls in which was this great looking metal stand at £4.50! I believe this one of the most expensive items I’ve bought at the car boots but I know it is rare to come across these at these sort of events so I just had to buy it.



When I got home I decided to treat the woodworm the ladder has got and my wooden boxes too. During last week I discovered one of them had wood worm after having one of them above my chest of drawers in my bedroom/studio and the box made ticking noises from the order side of the room so decided to go through everything wooden I own to be on the safe side!



I left anything wooden to dry eg for a few hours before I gave the ladder a good sanding down and was rather impressed with how it turned out afterwards so decided to call it a good day.

I didn’t have much planned for (Bank Holiday) Monday but got invited out with family to Castle Ashby which was about 20 mins drive away from home. Castle Ashby is somewhere I always wanted to visit, I even got invited to do a stall at an event there this year but had to decline so I was looking forward to visiting the gardens after getting invited.





I took a lot of pictures on that day but would take awhile to upload them to my social media so only uploaded a few. The gardens so beautiful + done a lot walking (making sure to drink a lot of water as it was pretty hot)

You will have to wait to see if I do any prints based on any pics I took from the gardens 😉

It was Wednesday when I returned to work on the ladder by...painting it! Of course I had to choice red (see image for this post at the top), between Sunday to Wednesday I was debating about if I should stain or paint it and in the end I decided to go with the paint.



Since I bought the metal stand I have been thinking what to use it for, When I saw it I had badges in mind but after spending the week thinking of new packaging for badges so it fits the stand, yesterday/Thursday I finally decided to use it for notebooks (someone did mention notebooks & prints to me at the start of the week but at the time I just had badges in mind) which I think works best.

Before I finish, I be recording episode 3 of Bonfire Banter aka the podcast I produce with my friend Dene this weekend. Episode 2 was recorded on 28th April but hasn’t been released yet, there has been a problem with my voice in the recording that Dene has been working on so episode 2 should only be released the next few days.

I think that’s all for this week, something you may have noticed I have mentioned the Bonfiecherry print shed this week. The shed is a mess due to emptying the boxes to treat the woodworm and most of the week it’s been hot so will return to the shed next week.

Anyway thank you very much for reading!


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