The Cherry Post No.115 | Plans, Plans, Plans

Hello to this week’s Cherry Post, aka the weekly blog post where I talk about what Bonfirecherry, this Northampton based printmaker has been up to during the past 7 days.

Actually before I start, just a reminder that Bonfirecherry is currently accepting commissions for custom linocut prints, click hereto see examples of work I've produced in the past. Contact for more info!

Last Friday I worked on something a bit boring but at the same time important, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With the EU’s upcoming GDPR, I realised that I have to do something about it. Well for me at least it involves the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop +

As a EU based Etsy seller I am required to create and comply with my own GDPR-compliant privacy policy, soon Etsy will have a place where the policy can be shown. Due to I’ve got a contact form at I need to a privacy policy for that.



On Saturday, me and my friend Dene finally got around to record episode 2 of Bonfire Banter. I’ve been looking forward to record a new episode for the past few weeks but due to reasons I had to tell Dene to push it back. Episode 1 was recorded in the Bonfirecherry print shed while this time Episode 2 was produced in my friend Dene’s office at his home which I haven’t visited for many years which made recording episode 2 even more fun for me.

Before producing Episode 1 many weeks ago, me and Dene came up with a list of subjects which we could talk about. In the first episode we followed one subject, tried doing that again for episode 2 but as you will find out (the time I’m writing this post the podcast isn’t live yet, I will announce it in the banner at top of the page when it is or search Bonfire Banter on Soundcloud) I went a bit of track but I think it made the podcast more interesting.



Monday was a relaxing day, even though it wasn’t Bonfirecherry’s first event appearance of 2018 isn’t til July I decided to start thinking about a new layout. If you go through the look of the Bonfirecherry stall at events during the years, I try to improve the look as the time goes on and like to continue that. Only got some brief ideas, you will have to wait and see soon what the new look will look like 😊.



I applied for the Princes Trust recently which helps young people start up businesses eg on Monday I heard back from them inviting me to a 4 day workshop at the end of the month so that is something to look forward to during this month!

The next day I headed over to the other side of town to meet up with a client who I have worked with a few times over the years, I do appreciate the support this now famous client gives, while I’m saying that I appreciate all the support everyone gives Bonfirecherry it really keeps me motivated to keep on going after all these years!





Anyway back to Tuesday, before meeting up with the client I decided to check out the antiques shop nearby which wasn’t far away from the location where the Princes Trust workshop is going to be hosted at. I always like going around antiques shops for inspiration for designs, normally wouldn’t buy anything from there as I like to hunt down vintage items at car boots as you get them at such better prices such as the filing cabinet I bought a few weeks at £2 which would be like 30 x that amount at certain antique shops but again that’s my problem. What is your opinion on antiques & vintage items? Comment below!


Meeting up with a client at somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit 🙂

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I met up with the client at The Italian Shop, where the shop may give it away it sells anything Japanese..ok bad joke.. it sells Italian food and it’s got a nice café where I had a lovely hot chocolate in such a lovely mug I was debating what I liked more!

You will see the custom products I be producing for this client in the upcoming weeks.



Yesterday I was doing a re-print of the design I be submitting to Abington Park Museum’s Art In The park the day this post will be published “The Golden View In Guildhall” in Gold and while I was at it I thought I do a version with black on top and I like it 😊

The bonfirecherry print apron when I first got it last August vs today

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While I had the print apron on, I decided to take a picture what it is now compared when I first got the apron last August, look how messy its got in 9 months so far!



I think that’s everything I can think of to talk about when it comes to what Bonfirecherry has been up to this week but before I finish I thought I talk about what #EtsymakersNorthants aka the group of Northampton based Etsy sellers which I am a part of.

Reason I am mentioning this amazing group full of such amazing sellers such as TheCraftFantastic (Hand-bound Notebooks, Origami flowers & paper creations), LittleLapins (Animal & Unicorn Headbands For Kids, Babies & Adults), HalfPintPrint (Wedding Stationery, Wedding Invitations, Screen Savers etc ), WhiteStitchlane (Personalised, Handmade, Fabric Based Gifts And Accessories) & DaintyRocksUK (Sentimental Birthstones & Personalised Jewellery)to name is that will be doing a “Loop Giveaway” over at the #EtsyMakersNorthants Instagram on the 5th May!

This Loop Giveaway over at the #EtsymakersNorthants Instagram is a great chance to win a product from the many of group members who have entered in a product like I have done. Follow the Instagram account here to find out more!

I think that’s everything for this week’s Cherry Post, thanks for reading!