The Cherry Post No.114 | Great Finds & Designs

The Cherry Post No.114 | Great Finds & Designs

Hello to this week’s Cherry Post!

This will be the last week reminding you amazing people, that Bonfirecherry’s Big Private Clearance Sale ends 30th April. Check out the offers here, sales will help this small business produce new designs.

With that out of the way, lets start talking about what Bonfirecherry has been up to this week!



I start off by talking about Abington Park Museum’s Art The Park. If you are a regular follower of Bonfirecherry, you know it’s a popular location for Bonfirecherry to set up it’s stall at when the venue puts on events such as the one you will see I’m attending soon if you check out the front page of this site, click the logo at the top of the page to be taken there!



For the past 57 years, the museum’s courtyard hosts a display of different entries from local professionals and amateur artists and this year I have entered the linocut print I produced last week “The Golden View Of Guildhall”.

The heatwave mentioned last week continued into Saturday, I put up the Bonfirecherry gazebo up again (which ive got down to an art form) to work on some “new” designs as shown on the top image

These new designs might look familiar if you have been supporting Bonfirecherry since 2014, “Messy Charlie” & some of “Cherry Sundae” were some old small/large tote bags from back then. I know this sounds hyprocitical as I’ve been saying I want to retire my old designs for new ones for awhile now, but with “Messy Charlie” it was a custom design I produced once and since then I’ve wanting to bring it back in some many ways.

With the custom 3 tone A3 linocut print I produced for a client recently, I learnt a few things and with those lessons I thought I do something experimental with “Messy Charlie” and one of the pieces of the lino used in the “Cherry Sundae” designs. What do you think?

Oh I loved Sunday, around 6am I headed out to a car boot with my grandad which I like to do a few times during the year. I am so glad that I did as there was some great finds that you couldn’t find on ebay at the price I found them at.


At a great price that they were more or less a steal and red!

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The first find were these cool red plant boxes at £2 each, which I thought would be perfect to display prints but as I later found at home were a bit too small which was my mistake because I always forget to bring a tape measure, still will be using the boxes for something else but you will have to wait for that.


At £3 how could I say no? I know for sure what I’m using this for

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One of the best finds came next, got this huge easel for £3! Which was a cracking price to get one, eg compared to what the price of what this would have cost from Hobbycraft for example at £55 (from £65)! I have got some stuff planned for this, but again you will have to wait and see.



I mainly went to the car boot hoping to get some items to use as inspiration for new designs and with that in mind I came across vintage receiver at 50p. Expect a print of this soon!



I thought that was all for Sunday morning but nope, after the car boot we went to a small village garage sale which I couldn’t say no to. The last time I visited a garage sale I got a classic radio at a good price and this wooden ammo box at £1! Still happy about this find to this day!



I did get some cool coca-cola glasses but second best find of Sunday was this filing cabinet at £2, at that price I just couldn’t say no!

Do you prefer the easel or filing cabinet? Comment below!

The fun continued on Monday, where I got around to bake some new badge designs.



After some editing online I baked the Messy Charlie + Cherry Sundae badges first which came out alright, Cute & yummy aren’t they?

A badge design I’ve had in mind is another one from the Bonfirecherry archive that I wanted to do something with is “The Bag That Contains Everything” which was originally a A5 linocut print which looks cool as a badge don’t you think?

So now at the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop there is a lot cool & unique badges to choose from, I wonder what will come next.


The filing cabinet I got at the car boot at £2 is now in the print shed!

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On Wednesday I got around to add the filing cabinet to the Bonfirecherry print shed and I think it suits the shed well.

Due to reasons episode 2 of the Bonfirecherry podcast aka Bonfire Banter wasn’t recorded on Sunday, instead it will be recorded this Saturday into.

I think that’s all for this week, thank you every much for reading!


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