The Cherry Post No.113 | Changes

The Cherry Post No.113 | Changes

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post.

Before I start, just a reminder that Bonfirecherry’s Big Private Clearance Sale ends 30th April with old BC mounted A5 + A4 linocut print designs have been reduced to a great price. You can find the offers here, all sales help support new designs.

With that out of the way, lets start the 113rd cherry post!


Currently with the #EtsymakersNorthants gang

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I start the post off by talking about #EtsymakersNorthants, the group of Northampton based Etsy sellers that I am a part of, I was part of their first Etsy Made Local in Kettering, Northamptonshire last December. Anyway back to the point, I attended a group meeting at the Zapato lounge last Friday to discus numerous subjects such as how to make more people aware of #EtsymakersNorthants as it’s a pretty new group that helps show off local crafters.

At the meeting there was around 9 people in total that attended, not to sound sexist but it’s a fact that I was the only man which was part of the group, need to find some male crafters/Etsy sellers  to show that the group isn’t just a girls club but just have to wait and see how many new members to the group we will have by the end of the year.

We started the meeting by introducing ourselves and what we sell eg before we played a game that was called Speed Shop Assessment where we had our Etsy shop assessed by the other members and see what suggestions they give to help improve the look of the shop and sales.

  • 1st was The Artful Collar Co (the owner was in charge of the meeting)
  • 2nd was me, they suggested the print outside the frame as I see them without, change titles and try to do more pics of a product as much as I can
  • 3rd was HalfPintPrint (love the name!)
  • 4th ScruffyDogSilver
  • 5th WhiteStitchLane
  • 6th TheCraftFantastic (Click here to see the 86th Cherry post to see the post when I met up with the owner of this small business)

We took a break from the game to talk about fairs, like the members who attend fairs like I do etc talking about our favourites and not so favourite. People who know me well, will know which event was my least favourite.

  • 7th DaintyRocksUK
  • And to finish off, the 8th was LittleStampsStore, run by Fran who is one of the group leaders such a lovely lady.

Overall the meeting went well, it started around 11am and finished around 12.30ish 😊

I came home from the meeting to find another Neko Box, so after something to eat I done an unboxing on Facebook Live. Check it out!



Saturday was interesting day, I first met up with the client who commissioned me to produce that awesome 3 tone A3 linocut print that I have been showing off recently at the Plump Partridge, which is really starting to become a popular place for me to meet up with people.



I returned home to go straight into the print shed where I had an idea for “Shy Daisy” which I worked on last week that I wanted to try out and this was the result. I honestly love it, do you?



After all that on Saturday, I decided to follow up with what I learnt from the meeting which was giving all the items I’ve got at the shop new titles and new pictures. After the meeting on the way home I did have the idea of the products hanging off a washing line which was the inspiration for the new pictures




Along with the new pictures, I decided just for the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop give all the items new titles so they are more easy to find for potential customers such as changing “Morning Cockerel (Orange) A4 Linocut Print” to “A4 Linocut Print, Cockerel, Chicken, Birds, Art, Handprinted, Home Decor” what do you think?



I decided to get around to adding those A3 linocut prints inspired by Amsterdam I produced recently and re-adding some other products with the new titles to see how they work.






On Sunday I continued with the Etsy shop by adding yet even more designs that I produced recently aka Shy Daisy and The Pirate Queen.



While I was it I decided to go through the prints Ive still got in Bonfirecherry’s big private clearance sale and take new pictures in the same theme as the Etsy shop.



Since last Tuesday, I’ve been working on a new Northampton inspired linocut print for Abington Park Museum’s Art In The Park and finally got around to printing it this Tuesday, I let to think of a name of it but what do you think?



After printing, I thought to myself “as it was Bonfirecherry’s 5th birthday recently, just how much lino have I carved over the years” so I decided to go through all the lino I still have (I know there is certain designs Ive no longer got) and counted around 130 pieces of lino but know there is some missing so in total around 150+ pieces of lino I’ve used over the years, a lot hey? 

On Wednesday I revealed the first event of 2018 that Bonfirecherry will be appearing at, see the front page of to see the event as I don’t want to spoil it here!


Phew finished

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It was hot on Wednesday but not as hot as it was on Thursday, it was boiling! The Bonfirecherry print shed is like an ice-cave in the snow + furnace in the heat, there was some print related work I wanted to do but as I couldn’t stand a second in the shed I decide to bring on a gazebo that I’ve had in the shed for a few years and put it up on the decking in the back garden.

The last time I had the gazebo up in the garden doing print work was in 2016 due to a heatwave back then. Something I wanted to do was paint the brown badge boxes I received on Thursday to red so it matches the colour theme of everything else as it seemed like the best time to paint due to the heat drying things faster such as the washing I had to put on that day.



I decided to finish off this week’s Cherry Post by finally adding the dinosaur inspired badge I produced recently “Jack, King Of Beasts” to the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop, limited stock at the moment but more will be added!

Actually that’s a lie, I will end the cherry post by saying that please check out episode 1 of Bonfire Banter by clicking on the banner at the top of the page because the Bonfirecherry podcast recorded by me and my friend Dene, will be recording episode 2 on Sunday! If you got any suggestions what we can talk about, comment below!

Thanks for reading!


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