The Cherry Post No.107 | #BCAmsterdam Part 1

The Cherry Post No.107 | #BCAmsterdam Part 1

Hello to this week’s Cherry Post!

As the title suggestions, this post is not going to be talking about what Bonfirecherry has been up to in the shed the past 7 days but before that, I will get stuff that happened before the break out of the way first.



Due to the snow, I wasn’t really in the shed during the weekend before Christmas. Not because it’s freezing, well normally was the reason before I got the heater last week but because it’s an old school PE shed there is gaps in the shed (as shown in some pics of the shed when I show it off) that snow can come through. With that I didn’t want to be covered in snow while snow starts to build up outside that I would get stuck (it was getting close), thankfully any print work I had planned has been moved til next weekend.

So I spent the weekend really getting ready for the trip, doing some admin work (oh so much fun, if you know me that well you should know that’s sarcasm haha) and drawing ideas for new prints to have only available framed in The Plump Partridge & The Magic Bean Emporium in Northampton which I hope to be working on next weekend with whatever I get inspired by in Amsterdam.

Something I did during the weekend was set up a new social media account on a new social app called Vero, which didn’t last long believe me. Shortly after I signed up for it, I got a lot of messages about the downside to Vero and it’s shady history. While I liked the app at first such as the set up etc, I didn’t want people to constantly remind me about it so requested for the account to be deleted.

I did think after while, even if it did have a good history and no reason to delete it. I most likely would have stopped using it after awhile as recently I was moaning about having enough trouble using Twitter, Facebook & Instagram as it is that I would sound like a huge hypocrite. I have been thinking while about deleting one (more Facebook or Instagram) but all 3 of them work well for me now that it be weird not using all of them. Prime example is this trip with #BCAmsterdam ; I upload any pics or vids onto Instagram which shares to Facebook which is then linked to my Twitter so I really don’t have to post something 3 different times all the time.



Any other flight I’ve had to get in the past such as Portugal, I had to wake up early to get the flight around 9/11am. This trip was different as the flight wasn’t til 6 in the evening. I woke up normally in the morning to meet up with my traveling buddy Dene (in the past I’ve been on holiday with family or my brother but brother has now got himself a girlfriend and has ditched me, first time going away with a friend) around midday for lunch so fill ourselves up to get the coach to Luton Airport, where we would be catching our flight.

In the past either me or my brother often sets the alarm off coming through Airport Security, thankfully didn’t set it off this time. Well not going to Amsterdam and not the other way yet as I’m writing this bit of the post, I’m currently sitting in departures with my buddy waiting for our flight.



The rest of Monday didn’t go as planned, our flight was supposed to be at 6.25pm then got changed to 6.56 then shortly after 7. I got to the airport at 2.45 so you can expect I just wanted to get on the plane & get to Amsterdam. As I’m writing this bit I’m currently on Easyjets new plane which was only a few days ago, my cabin is in the hold instead in the locker above due to flight was late or something that didn’t have the room. Thankfully the only valuable thing in my bag is my tablet/laptop I was able to bring in so not that bothered to be honest.



I confess I’m a nervous flyer, I prefer trains than planes so was interesting for once flying in the dark. Just setting off always makes me nervous, ok in the air and landing. The last place I went on a plane to was to Lisbon and that was a 2 hour flight, thankfully Amsterdam is only an hour.

While Monday was the first day of #BCAmsterdam, due to the time it took to get there it’s more Tuesday that’s the start of the trip.



Tuesday started off by waking up early around 7am to have breakfast in the breakfast bar at our hotel before having a look around the area before heading up to the museum district, which was the closest place of interest. Good thing about heading out early around sunrise is that its quiet and you can get good shots of things such as the I AM STERDAM sign that was surrounded by tourists later on.


Ooh so checking this place out later or tomorrow! #‪BCAmsterdam‬

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We had tickets booked for some of the museums we saw that morning for Wednesday but not the Mocco museum as I never knew anything about it but when I saw it was a joint exhibition of Banksy & Roy Lichtenstein aka my two favourite artists that it was going to be a must to visit on Wednesday.


Ooh so checking this place out later or tomorrow! #‪BCAmsterdam‬

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As shown in the map above, where our hotel was some distance away from most of the places we wanted to so we walked to the Heineken experience before getting an Uber (new experience for me) over to Madame Tussauds.

Downside to the time we went out, a lot of the shops & Madame Tussauds wasn’t open for another hour or so.





So with that we decided to have a look around (wise idea giving by later on in the day the places we went around was super busy) to look at the wonderful dutch architecture, getting inspiration for new designs that I hope to show off next week or so.



Cheese, that is all.



By the time we finished walking around Madame Tussauds was about to open, as it isn’t a place that I would get inspiration for new designs I will show some pics from the time there and move on.

After a visit there and Amsterdam dungeons we continued looking around for somewhere to have lunch. I was really loving Amsterdam so far getting inspired by so any things.



I did visit one museum but lets say it isn’t NSFW and can’t really talk about it so lets move on, with the city having a lot of rivers, a river cruise was going to be a must don’t you think!

By the time we got onto the river cruise it was about 3 in the afternoon that it was good to get off our feet for awhile before heading back to the hotel for some rest. With that, it continued the day of inspiration for new designs.







I let the pics & random twitter livestream show off what the cruise was like, highly recommended if you ever visit Amsterdam.









After the cruise we headed back to our hotel to chill before heading out to a concert hall for Jazz & improved music in Amsterdam called Bimhuis, which my friend hoped we have dinner there and a jazz section BUT for some reason on that night something else was on so we just had dinner.



I got to say it was cool to end the first proper day in Amsterdam at a place like this especially around sunset. Dinner was really nice too.










Before heading back for the night, we decided to hop across where the hall was to come across a bar that was off the beaten track to have a drink. Sometimes on holiday it’s good “getting lost” to find places you normally wouldn’t find.

With that, I think I will end talking about the first proper day of #BCAmsterdam

You will have to wait for next week to read what happened on the rest of the holiday, with #BCAmsterdam when I started this post I hoped to upload the pics to Instagram share them to facebook which is linked to my twitter and use the hashtag to find the pics easily BUT there seemed to be problem, the hashtag on Instagram didn’t want to work and didn’t want to bombard all 3 social sites,  so later on the first proper day I decided to re-upload all the pics I took over to the Bonfirecherry twitter instead so the hashtag worked.

As explained, next week will be #BCAmsterdam Part 2 and a double normal cherry post the week after, thanks for reading & if you got any questions comment below!


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