The Cherry Post No.104 | Seriously & Finally

The Cherry Post No.104 | Seriously & Finally

Hello to this week’s Cherry Post, I’ve got a lot to talk about and a bit to rant about which I will get to!



Continuing from last Friday evening I found the option to download my tweets from twitter, which I spent the Saturday morning finding some interesting facts for the twitter livestream I was doing in the evening.

After doing somethings in town such as booking myself an eye test and buying photo frames, I spent most of Saturday working on a big commission which involved printing a lot of tote bags for a big returning client to Bonfirecherry that I had to split it in half doing some on Saturday & the rest on Sunday.


Well I was busy....

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It was fun custom project work on,  it was great to get messy (with mainly with black ink in this case). I did do a livestream via Instagram showing how I print tote bags BUT yet again it didn’t save to my archive to share, save to my camera roll AND didn’t even save to my stores which was a bit of a last straw for Instagram Live for Bonfirecherry. The only time it has worked for me was when I was baking badges (see last week) and that saved to my camera roll and nothing else. I have seriously tried enough times, given it’s chances but I think I just stick to Facebook & Twitter. I WILL NO LONGER BE DOING BONFIRECHERRY INSTAGRAM LIVESTREAMS, still be using Instagram for everything else like next month when I go to Amsterdam I be using it for #BConHoliday again to upload pics etc.

I made sure to do at least half of the tote bags for Saturday so I can rest,  do some final touches to the 3 new prints (that I will talk about shortly) and tidy the Bonfirecherry print shed for the livestream that I was planning for Saturday over which would be broadcasted over Twitter (instead of the usual Facebook).



I let the livestream, shown above do the talking.



I started Sunday off by finally adding 3 new prints to the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop; Raizo, Oden & Coby The Llama which I have been promising for quite some time. I did plan on doing even more designs but I’ve had a problem with getting new lino which has taken nearly 2 weeks to get to me. So expect even more designs the next upcoming weeks!



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The rest week of the week I’ve been researching for new designs that I hope to be showing off next week, such as new prints & a design for the boxes.

I think a week ago I mentioned about Bonfirecherry designs coming to Redbubble, still be doing that but most likely going to be towards the end of the month at least.


Tuesdays Northampton in the morning

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I have been posted pics of Northampton in the morning for the past 2/3 weeks or so via Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and with that I think I be taking a small break from it to look at the pics to see what can be prints & so I can think of new locations etc.

With that I think that’s everything for this week, this post has been really short compared to the others posted this year but just how it is.

Thanks for reading!


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