The Cherry Post No.103 | Third Week Straight

The Cherry Post No.103 | Third Week Straight

Hello all to the 103rd Cherry Post!

Third week straight of me getting creative & messy (what I love by the way!) which I will get into in his post!


Can you guess what this is?

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I start the post off by going back to last Saturday where I started the day by finding my old tripod, that I haven’t used in quite some time due to losing the phone attachment to it shortly after I got it but found it after giving the shed a tidy up the weekend before.



As mentioned in the previous posts I received a box of American candy/sweets from a good friend & client from... America that I finally got around to sending some British sweets & tea in return alongside on order I received from her.



After announcing it during the week, I finally got around to doing a livestream via Instagram, well first to test things out I actually used Periscope to broadcast to twitter which is another platform I haven’t used in quite some time but hoping to use both again a lot soon, just need to do a lot of planning.


Look what I treated myself for a personal photo project 😀

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I started the Instagram at 3pm GMT, a few hours earlier than I would usually do one because I was going to spend the evening with friends in town, where alcohol was going to be involved & it was a good way of testing out my new instant film camera as shown above.

The start of the Instagram livestream went alright, I had notes not far away from me, which did help for awhile before I said things any time I liked due to repeating myself a few times because of new people joining in etc

The important things I did mention during the stream was

  • Linocut printed boxes coming soon
  • Reminder of #BCWorkshop
  • Bonfirecherry Lingerie & Charity Donation
  • Bonfirecherry designs coming to Redbubble
  • Joint Facebook/Twitter Unboxing Livestream
  • More Interviews coming to such as printmakers I had a chat with already
  • Hopefully livestreams with other crafters/small business owners
  • Designs inspired by Northampton, Leeds, Cornwall, Portsmouth, Devon, Amsterdam etc

Normally I would show the livestream I done above, BUT it didn’t save which was a huge pain as did get comments & suggestions which have been lost in the interweb, I think due to it being 30 mins long or a glitch or something but was supposed to go into the archive on my Insta account but to share but didn’t. As I can’t really contact IG for help, I will never know why it didn’t save/go in my archive.

Because of the Insta mishap, I got motivated to proper plan a Twitter livestream which I will do tomorrow at my normal streaming time of 7pm GMT (due to the lack of heating in the shed, it gets unbearable after quite some time in the evening) most stuff I will go over what was said & suggested in the Insta stream & hopefully some new things too *Fingers Crossed*.

As I have the most following of Twitter (19k followers), I wonder what will happen?

During Saturday afternoon I found a reasonable sized spare piece of lino that I decided to use, so on Monday morning I spent awhile drawing this idea before getting into the print shed shortly after lunch.



Mentioned last week I had a visit to Brackley Antique Cellar and got some inspired from a few items such as a mask which was the inspiration for this new design “Oden”. This was the 4th version of this design, I hated how it turned out at first and made some changes to the lino while I was printing and was happy with this version. While the name of this design is yet again inspired by my all time favourite series “One piece” but at the time of this blog post, Oden is a character that has been mentioned but what he looks like hasn’t been revealed and most likely won’t be til 2019ish.

I hoped to have “Oden” and “Raizo” available at the Etsy shop by the time of this post is live but sadly have problems getting a photo frame that I will have to delay til tomorrow.

Due to the times I work in my prints/graphics job I decided to wake up early Wednesday morning to get around to bake more “Vintage Love” badges, see above for the video I did (I used Instagram live again which did save this time to my phone but didn’t save to my archive).

Tomorrow I’m hoping to produce even more designs alongside a big tote bag commission I’ve got with an old client of Bonfirecherry but will have to see, if not then then I will produce new ones on Sunday so there will be new designs produced during the weekend regardless.

Speaking of commissions, I am going to Amsterdam next month between Monday 5th to Thursday 8th March. Due to the time I’m off work, commissions won’t be effected then as I can still do any work during the weekend.


Thursday’s Northampton in the morning

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Before I finish this pretty long CP, before work I have been taking pictures of Northampton in the morning for a photo project for myself & to get inspiration for new designs inspired by Northants. What do you think of the pics so far?

I think that’s all for this week, thanks for reading!


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