The Cherry Post No.102 | What a great start to the year!

Hello & Welcome to the 102th Cherry Post!

This week has been just as creative & fun as it was last week, so is there a lot to talk about so let’s crack on!


Re-producing these trippy tote bag design for a customer

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I start off the weekend by talking about a fun commission I had from a returning customer of Bonfirecherry from America who waned some of Bonfirecherry’s lovely hand printed tote bags, which involved returning to the print shed to re-produce a Bonfirecherry classic 2 tone design “Cherry Scone”.

The design has some history behind it as it was part of the first collab I did with a food blogger with this design getting inspired by scones (obviously) & anime/manga, it is one of my top 3 favourite tote bag designs (with Camera No.2 & Rabbit’s Aren’t Just For Easter being the other 2).



Actually before that, I headed over to a small café in Northampton called Heathers, which I can now confirm is the location of Bonfirecherry’s first ever workshop  (#BCWorkshop) about tote bag printing, Saturday 21st April 1 til 4pm GMT. All the details of the event can be found at the Facebook page here or can contact me directly via the contact page.

I returned to the print shed later on Saturday evening to do Bonfirecherry’s first livestream of 2018 where over Facebook Live open a box of American sweets/candy a customer sent me & explained plans for new year, you can find the livestream above.


I got a fair bit of inspiration from a visit to Brackley Antiques cellar

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Sunday started off by drawing some new ideas for designs before heading off with my grandparents to Brackley Antiques Cellar where I got more inspiration for new designs & where is the new location of the All Saints linocut print that I took out of The Plump Partridge late last year. I would show you a picture of it but sadly on Sunday evening I had to back-up, wipe & restore my iPhone due to storage problems which resulted in losing a lot of the pictures I took on that day part from the ones I uploaded to Twitter/Instagram. Will have to re-visit there again in a few weeks time to take a new pic of the print.


Raizo version 2 #printmaker #smallbusiness #linocut #print

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I carried on with the creative & productive weekend by returning to the print shed where I produced a new version of the new design I shown last week “Raizo”. I hope to have this design available by the end of next week.


Coby the llama #linocut #print #llama #printmaker #printmaking

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I got to re-produce the design I worked on late last year “Coby The Llama” which still needs work on before I can put that on sale.



Something that is now available to order from the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop is a design I was working on last week when I cut my thumb (which is healing over now which is good, for those who are interested) that I finally got around to finishing off which I turned into Bonfirecherry’s 2018 valentines badge design “Vintage Love” which I think is rather cute 😊.



Great things continued on Monday, where I took my second attempt at my driving test and..... I passed! I loved the messages I received from family, friends & everyone on twitter/facebook/Instagram it really made me happy. So now I be saving up for my first car & my trip to Amsterdam in March. With the good news, there is some bad because of it as a lot of my money will go to the car & holiday that I have to hold back buying a lot of print stock but I will try my best with what I can do, any sales I do get will help support new designs.

Before I finish this week’s CP, I will be doing a live Q&A over at the Bonfirecherry INSTAGRAM this Saturday at 3pm GMT as it’s been awhile since I done something live via Instagram and now you can save livestreams I thought now would be a good time to test it out.

Just editing this on Thursday, I have ordered another one subscription box that I will do a livestream of soon. Won't say anymore than that. 

I think that’s everything, thanks for reading!


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