The Cherry Post No.100 | Well Bonfirecherry Has It's Advantages!

The Cherry Post No.100 | Well Bonfirecherry Has It's Advantages!


I thought I bring back the Cherry Post a week early as there is a lot to talk about even though I haven’t any print work yet (I’ve got a lot planned as I will explain). I’ve been making you amazing people wait a whole month for a new Cherry Post especially when this is the 100th post!

I thought I start the post of with some big news regarding myself & Bonfirecherry, well because of BC I have got myself a full time job in the print/graphics industry as a production assistant with the job printing & engraving onto usb sticks & other products.



To cut a long story short on how I got this dream job (honestly thought I get a chance to get a job in the print/graphics industry due to not going to uni etc), the company was impressed with Bonfirecherry & how I do things eg hand carving lino & printing is a very basic version of what the job involves. The job is a Monday to Friday 9 to 5.30 role which is great as I don’t have to worry about if I can’t do fairs during the weekend because of work.

When I was part time, I was able to send orders that I received from the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop more of less the same day, same can’t be said now working full time on the other side of Northampton town where I live. I did think about switching from Royal Mail to UPS as there is a UPS depo not far away so have been asking followers on twitter about it and it turned out people are ok for a slight delay and stick with Royal Mail than pay higher price by switching to UPS. Check out the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop product listings for more details about this.

With the important news out of the way I can talk about what you can expect from Bonfirecherry for most of 2018 as I want to produce  lot of amazing designs as a way of saying thanks for the big wait for new designs as I’m just as eager as you are to see new Bonfirecherry designs!


Been drawing new ideas

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To start the year off I’ve got 2 badges planned, one of them inspired by valentines day & a fair few new prints inspired by different themes that I won’t reveal (it be a surprise), the badge will likely be produced next week & prints at the start of February due to lack of funds.

Along with the new prints at the start of February, I will bring back the make-up/toiletry bags with more colourful designs as the ones I had last year was just black.

As people who have been following Bonfirecherry long enough will remember the coastal project I started to talk about in 2016, around this time I plan on starting the project again as I want to produce more designs inspired by coastal areas.

I plan on doing the larger version of the handprinted wrapping fabric/knot-wrap that I produced last year but possibly different designs, the medium sized ones last year was big enough to use as a bandana and the large sized ones planned will be scarf sized/big enough to wrap big gifts.

Recently came across a self portrait lino print I produced back in early 2014 that I hope to do a new version of this year, more for show than having it available at the shop as who would want to buy a print of yours truly haha

I do have some things planned for mothers day based on things I’ve done already but still in the idea stage that I don’t want to reveal anything, maybe next month.

Last year I got asked if I wanted to do a workshop somewhere in Northampton town that I visited last year which was planned to happen next month but they have recently changed things without informing me so lost interest in doing something with them but I still want to do a workshop as I know it will be fun, through Bonfirecherry’s social connections I have found a few places to host my first ever workshop that will only be in/around Northampton town for the first one. If you are interested in this please do comment below saying “Please tell me more!”

The only places you can find & buy framed linocut prints by Bonfirecherry are selected small businesses around Northampton like Magee St Bakery, The Bread & Butter Factory & The Plump Partridge, I’ve had the same design as Magee & Bread for awhile now so soon I want to swap over the prints I have go there.



My birthday is in March and I was born in Leeds (only one in my family around my age not born in Northampton) I plan on re-visiting there around then as it's been awhile and with that I want to produce some prints inspired by there along with new Northampton designs.

Possibly around April time (Bonfirecherry's birthday) I plan on putting some Bonfirecherry designs on Redbubble so BC customers can get their favourite designs onto mugs to phone cases as there are some things I don’t have the know how to produce them myself & will keep the costs down.

I think that’s all for now, I think this post is long enough haha I have to leave myself something to talk about in next week’s Cherry Post or so

Thanks for reading!


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