The Cherry Ladies Interviews! Part 8. Karyn Jones

The Cherry Ladies Interviews! Part 8. Karyn Jones

Hello everyone to part 8 of The Cherry Ladies Interviews, amazing chats with some wonderful and creative ladies who are connected to Bonfirecherry!

This instalment is with the wonderful artist, Karyn Jones!

As always, I let these amazing ladies introduce themselves first so I don’t miss out anything out.


My name is Karyn Jones and I am an artist/ painter. I paint still life, landscape and just about anything that catches my eye. I recently moved to Southern Bulgaria and have just set up a business called Rhodopski Art OOD, in which I sell my artwork on my website and I run art and painting holidays, where people can learn to draw, paint, and be creative whilst enjoying this secret and beautiful part of the world.

Today, I am battling with a website e-commerce integration in preparation for launching the first if the painting holidays - nearly ready to launch!”

Bonfirecherry/ Thanks for allowing me to interview you for this series celebrating the wonderful and creative ladies connected with Bonfirecherry! 

Oh that's exciting stuff!

E-commerce sure has it's challenges!

Can you remember how you got connected with Bonfirecherry?



Karyn Jones/ I certainly can! In about 2009, when I first started on twitter, I remember seeing your tweets and we got talking. Then Bonfire Cherry  started up with your amazing prints, which were graphic drawn lino-cuts. I think these were first of all on paper, and then I saw you do them on bags, and materials and so 10 years on you're still being wonderfully creative!

Do you have your own website, and if not where is your main online presence?

BC/ Yes that's correct originally started on paper, good memory!

Yep, well I started on Etsy in 2013 (which I go off for reference to date Bonfirecherry's birthday), in 2015 I got a website via Wix, moved onto shopify which I'm on at the moment which I use for

I like to be control of all my content. I'm excited on seeing your website!

KJ/ The website is quite new; it started in November 2019 and actually, that's when I started painting again after many years of not having the space, time or resources to concentrate on it.

Did you learn your skills at art college? 

BC/ I attended a Art and Design and then Graphic Design course at college between 2007/2010. It was during 2008/2010 I learnt the various printing methods, at the time I was more focused and experienced in screen printing than linocut but that's a long story. 

How about yourself?



KJ/ I think it's really important to have some sort of training in drawing and design, which one can then use to be expressive and creative, and I can really see that you understand the principles and use them with skill. Your story would be interesting to hear!

We all keep learning every day we draw, paint, print or make things. I know that my art college days in the 1980's (yes, the Jurassic era!) were vital for being able to express myself with painting now. ️ But, it's never too late to start, or to explore.

Keep on experimenting!

BC/ Got any big plans for this year?

KJ/ Well, starting some art/ painting holidays here from May, so most of my energies are spent on the planning and execution of all the elements involved in this. From registering a Company (Rhodope Art OOD), opening a business account, getting VAT registered, finding a good accountant, scoping the Hotel complex, it's all very busy at the moment! The last hurdle is the advertising part. There isn't much time for much else, except my wonderful vegetable garden, which has started to become re-awakened now it is spring!  Digging and planting is really good exercise though.

How about you, are you planning another exciting trip like the one to Japan?



BC/ I'm planning on going back to Japan in 2021, I loved the country so much!

Have you ever been there?

KJ/ No, I've never been to Japan, but it sounds a wonderful place to visit.

I expect you got a lot of inspiration there, what in particular did influence you do you think?

BC/ Just the atmosphere because it's completely different to what it is in the UK, of course the buildings I loved!

What is your favourite holiday destination? 

KJ/ Ah, it’s like really escaping from the everyday world, and being transported to somewhere where all the senses are changed, and every corner reveals something completely new.

My favourite place is Greece, and now I'm lucky enough to live on the doorstep.  I always feel though, that if you actually live in a place that magical charm diminishes, but if you are able to live away, and visit like a holiday, you will still get that feeling of  coming back to wonderland and paradise every time. Its certainly true here. Every time we drive through the mountain pass and see the Thracian plain and the island of Thassos and then Mount Atos in the distance, tears well up in my eyes (soppy aren’t I?)

Are you learning any Japanese?

BC/ Nah, I did try but thankfully I got on alright in Japan.

If you could give yourself some advice to your younger self, what would it be? 

KJ/ If I was to be able to give my younger self advice, it would be to keep creating, painting and not to bother what other people want you to conform to. Although I pretty much did this anyway, unless someone in your life is supportive it can be hard to keep going!

Success isn't always measured by sales or money (although this helps!), I think it is more about how much I have learned and how I am increasingly satisfied with my skills and knowledge.

How about you?

BC/ Ooh good answer!

I suppose it would be to keep a lot of old art work and start linocut early before I went to college (around 2007).

I think that's everything for this interview, thank you very much for allowing me to have a chat with you!

Where can people find you? 

KJ/ Thank you x

On my website

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