The Cherry Ladies Interviews! Part 6. Rebecca Hayden

The Cherry Ladies Interviews! Part 6. Rebecca Hayden

Hello everyone to part 6 of The Cherry Ladies Interviews, amazing chats with some wonderful and creative ladies who are connected to Bonfirecherry!

This instalment is with the wonderful fashion blogger, Rebecca Haydens!

As always I let these amazing ladies introduce themselves first so I don’t miss out anything out.

“My name is Rebecca Hayden, I’m a 25yr old amateur blogger and photographer who has a huge interest and main focus on fashion”

Bonfirecherry/ Thanks for allowing me to interview you for this series celebrating the wonderful and creative ladies connected with Bonfirecherry! 

I know some people would say that a fashion blogger isn't creative but I beg to differ as if requires a lot of creative thinking. 

How are you today?

Rebecca Hayden/ Oh defiantly there is a lot of creativity, ambitions, artist thinking included when coming to fashion blog, a lot of before planning, it’s all about what fits you but also stepping out of your comfort zone, creating your own trends whilst also following the "in" trend, for a post, you have to plan before head what’s wild, what’s out there what’s different that isn’t so the same for everyone else, standing out from the crowd, for me personally it’s all being out there, being wacky and different, maybe similar to lady gaga with wacky outrageous trends.  Also whilst fashion blogging you need a lot of time to hand, it’s soo much planning I find making a list for a list helps builds a single post. Writing ideas of outfits downs then seeing if they look as amazing on as they did on paper, then picking the correct location to make a perfect post,  you don’t realise how much an background can flack the quality of a post if it isn’t right x 

I’m very well thank you.  Hope you are to? xx 

BC/ Those is a great introduction to start this interview off (I’m good thanks by the way!)! When did you first get your passion for fashion?



RH/ Ooo my passion for fashion started really young. My Nan had her own dresses making business. Where she designed her own wedding dresses, formal dresses etc she was ever so creative she even made an roof for an convertible car so I was always around materials and fittings she also always had a lot of shoes so I guess that’s where my shoe collection obsession stems from ive collected over 1000 shoes since 2008, my passion for fashion really took off. I crave fashion so much there isn’t a night that goes by where I’m not researching for inspo or researching the newest trends.  I always stay true to myself though personal individual style in all for 

So I’d say my passion started around 4 being inspired by all the ladies that came in wanting dresses, them being the 90s the fashion was quite similar to now. Blazers and mom jeans, very classy ladies I was surrounded by from a young age through Nans on side business x. 

BC/ Ooh interesting!

What was the most recent creative outfit you have worn recently?

RH/ Oh gosh where to start, I go into my walk in closet when I have spare time mixing things up and fitting things together. It’s quite therapeutic I must admit.. but if I had to pick one outfit. It be my hippie floral batwing maxi dress by topshop I found in a charity shop in market harborough, added with a straw hat and ankle boots weirdly with an bright orange kanken.  Dressed to the nines for a long walk through fields crazy times x 

BC/ Oh that's cool

As someone who used to volunteer at a charity shop for 2 years, there is a lot good finds you can find if you look hard enough don't you agree?

RH/ Oh god yes, I tend to like the bigger ones as it’s more of an explore and a range of different items, I mainly track classic Zara pieces down through Depop  and Vinted and eBay x 

BC/ Oh good to look in different places!

How much of an impact with social media has if helped you becoming a fashion blogger? 



RH/ You learn and get inspiration for others it’s amazing to be able to share creations, and topics, I find amazing outfit inspo via Instagram alone, In my personal opinion the best platforms for blogging are Wordpress, and Instagram.  Twitter helps too x 

BC/ With us back in the 20s do you think fashion from the 1920s will make a comeback as fashion sometimes does repeat itself? 

RH/ Oh definitely I really hoped it would it was so elegant and statement! I think it should certainly make a come back. I feel at the moment we have an amazing mixture of 60s 80s and early 90s at the moment with like oversized t-shirts and cycling shorts chunky trainers very 90s. Mom jeans with blouses and big belts very 80s. Pinafore dresses with ribbed turtle necks and knee boots. Very 60s absolutely love it x 

What is your favourite place to go for the go to outfit? 

BC/ Oh it's a mixture of Primarks, Sainsburys and New Look with the occasional stuff from Dorothy Perkins.

Oh I miss the 90s, speaking of the past, what music did you use to listen to growing up?

RH/ Such a good choice. TU and f&f are amazing, always end up coming out with bags of fashion from

Supermarkets at like midnight on those wonders with your mates,   Ah a lot of country of western still do it’s the most main genre I listen to so I grew up with like Dolly Parton,  I listen to a hell of lot of Carrie Underwood these days, And of course back in the 90s spice girls. S club 7 and steps were those disco favourites

BC/ We couldn't escape the 90s pop!

Any fashion advice you would give your past self if you had the chance?



RH/ It was so damn good though, oh god yes always plan outfits beforehand  and don’t jump in or your get disappointed fast, always find things that suit you don’t try and follow others, 

What is your most creative outfit? And if you could work for a fashion house who would it be x 

BC/ Oh that's a hard question as I normally just dump stuff on haha The most creative technically is the jumpsuit I'm now going to wear instead of my apron in the print shed, can that be an answer?

Jasper Conran would have to be my fashion house answer

RH/ Of course I also see fashion as personal individual art. If it works for you, rock it...   now jasper is such an fab label it’s reminds me so much of cos but in a Versace way x 

BC/ Yay!

I think that's enough for this interview, thank you very much for taking part it has been fun!

Where can people find you online? :)

RH/ It’s been a pleasure 

My links are Instagram  , VSCO  , Twitter  . If interested in purchasing my preloved fashion links check out Depop  & Vinted 



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