The Cherry Ladies Interviews! Part 4. The Craft Fantastic

The Cherry Ladies Interviews! Part 4. The Craft Fantastic

Hello all to part 4 of The Cherry Ladies Interviews, a series of interviews where I have a chat with amazing and creative women who are connected to Bonfirecherry such as talented crafters, graphic designers, photographers, bloggers and writers!

This time around I’m having a chat with Jenni, a crafter who runs The Craft Fantastic!

In her own words

“My name's Jenni and I'm captain of The Craft Fantastic! I make hand-bound notebooks, journals and various papercraft items that I sell in my Etsy shop, as well as in The Emporium at Nene Court (it's just outside Wellingborough.) Alongside this I take commissions for origami flowers for weddings- mostly within the Northamptonshire area.”

Bonfirecherry/ Thanks for allowing me to interview you for this series celebrating the wonderful and creative ladies connected with Bonfirecherry! How are you today?

Craft Fantastic/ I'm good, thank you!

Today is my turn to be shop girl at The Emporium, so I'm sat behind the till doing a bit of origami. What are you up to today? 

BC/ oh awesome, gotta love a bit of origami. One of my new Unicorn inspired designs I’m working on is based on it. I’m good thanks just finished work and working on other unicorn inspired designs.

I know this but can you tell my readers how you became connected/friends with Bonfirecherry?

CF/ Yes I saw your unicorn design, it looks great! 

We met at a small craft fair in Upton... 2 years ago maybe? Think it's fair to say it was a quiet day for both of us  But we connected on social media.

BC/ Correct, that and the one I did after that everyone who knows me well knows I still nightmares about it.

What’s the story behind The Craft Fantastic?

CF/  Well, I've always loved making things, and a few years ago I taught myself book binding (being a bit of a notebook addict myself!) but it was just a hobby. Then at the end of 2015, I made origami flowers for a friend's wedding; while I was doing it, I realised how much I love working with my hands and creating things. So after the company I was working for changed direction, I decided it was a good time to start my business properly - so at the start of 2016, The Craft Fantastic set sail (have I done enough cheesy puns yet??).

So I think BonfireCherry has been going a bit longer?

BC/  Oh that’s interesting!

Yes well the name dates back to 2010 but the Bonfirecherry proper came to be in 2013.

When it comes to craft fairs, is there any particular venues/craft fairs you have liked the most or too many to pick from?

CF/ That's tricky! I've done big ones and small ones but for me what makes the difference is the organisation/atmosphere. The worst fairs I've done have all been badly organised by people who either didn't care or didn't know what they were doing. Some fairs I've not sold much at, but because the organiser has done such a fab job, the atmosphere has been great and I've had a good day. I did love doing the MK Handmade & Vintage weekend events. 

Do you prefer big fairs or small?

BC/ There are a few fair organisers that don't know what they are doing half the time, some just depend on "well I posted it on facebook".

I have to say small..

Out of all the equipment that you use, is there any in particular that you wouldn't be able to run The Craft Fantastic without?

CF/ Hm... in terms of tools, I couldn't live without my bone folder. I use it for scoring, folding and creasing in both bookbinding and origami. 

BC/ Random question, what is your favourite flavour ice-cream?

CF/ Ben & Jerry's Phish Food!! But if I'm in the US, Moose Tracks, which has peanut butter cups in. Mmm... Now I want ice cream. How about you? 

BC/ it is a shame that the UK has a limited selection of Ben and Jerrys. I see on the US Amazon you can get all the flavours delivered but not to the UK which is annoying haha

Cookie dough is my favourite.

Do you have any people that admire or get inspiration from when it comes to crafts?

CF/ Ideas tend to sneak up on me. I'm quite visual and love looking at Pinterest for inspiration, but generally for bookbinding, I'll get brainwaves from sitting looking through my boxes of paper and leather. 

BC/ The wonders of Pinterest hey?

With us crafters having to plan things early, I am going to mention the C word early and ask if you are working on any Christmas designs?

CF/ Why yes I am! In fact that's what I was doing today, folding some festive themed papers. I'm also planning a new Christmas notebook/planner type thing. 

Do you tend to do the same types of thing each Christmas, or do you mix it up with new prints every year?

BC/ Oh awesome!

I do have a Christmas tote bag design that I change over to a large drawstring bag. Got some new ideas planned

I like to say a huge thank you for taking part in The Cherry Ladies Interviews it has been an honour and with that I thought for the final question I will ask if you got any advice for any young ladies who are thinking of going into crafts in a similar field to you

CF/ The best advice I can think of is to be yourself; find what you're passionate about making and make it your own! 

Looking forward to seeing your new festive ideas. Thanks for letting me take part 


A huge mega thanks to Jenni from The Craft Fantastic for taking part in The Cherry Ladies Interviews!

You can find out more about The Craft Fantastic by checking our website here (she blogs/vblogs just like me, so highly recommend checking her website to read/watch those!). The Craft Fantastic can be found on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

Thanks for reading, please comment below on your thoughts on this interview!



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