The Cherry Ladies Interviews! Part 2. Daisy Media

Hello all to part 2 of The Cherry Ladies Interviews, a series of interviews where I have a chat with amazing and creative women who are connected to Bonfirecherry such as talented crafters, graphic designers, photographers, bloggers and writers!

Bonfirecherry will be having with Hannah, a small business owner and a crafter.

“So hello, I’m Hannah. I have many strings to my bow. My company is called Daisy Media and I help small businesses with their social media, admin tasks and general IT bits as needed. Then there’s my two side bits, the first is Han Plans which is the blog that started it all in a way. The second is Daisy Chain Crafting which is a new (and the smallest) bit. This is the name for the handmade crochet and knitting bits that I make. When I’m not juggling those, I am attempting to keep all the family balls in the air! I’m a wife to Chris, mummy to Jaxon and foster mum/cool grow up to Our Sidekick. This can be insane and some days I wish there was an eighth day in the week. (Yes, I love The Beatles too!)”

BonfirecherryThanks for allowing me to interview you for this series celebrating the wonderful and creative ladies connected with Bonfirecherry! How are you today?

Hannah/ I am doing well, thanks Matthew. How are you today? 

BC/ Glad to hear I’m great thanks! Of course I know the answer to this but for everyone reading this, how did you discover and become friends with Bonfirecherry?

H/ Am I allowed to say I don’t actually remember? I think it might have been through Twitter or Instagram maybe? I love supporting small/local-ish businesses when I can do to find another one was great! 

BC/ I believe it was on Twitter. Yep it's great supporting small/local businesses, especially in this day and age!

From your statement, you sound like you're busy all the time I sure couldn't multi-task that much haha When it comes to your businesses, where did you get the Daisy name idea from?

H/ I had help from my parents actually. Back in 2014, I went on maternity leave to have my baby (who’s now 4 and starting school!). We were sat around their dining table talking about my plan to be self-employed around looking after Jaxon rather than going back to an office job once maternity leave had finished. 

I knew I needed a name for my business so we started throwing ideas around. For many years daisies have been my favourite flowers so we included that and as I would be doing social media bits we adopted the Media bit and came up with Daisy Media. 

BC/ Oh interesting how things turned out!!

How has 2018 been for you so far?

H/ A mixed bag definitely. Some clients have pulled back on work for me and others have given me more which is great in a swings and roundabouts kind of way. My son starts school in September so I’m hoping that means I can expand a bit more which is exciting and scary all at the same time. 

BC/ Same for me at the moment and understandable when September comes around.

With Daisy Chain, do you do fairs too or do you mainly sell online?

H/ As far as Daisy Chain Crafting, it’s really not got much further than an idea in a way! I would love to be able to sell crochet and knitted projects but it’s a real challenge. Take a baby blanket for instance - it’s so easier to go to the High Street and buy a mass produced knitted baby blanket for under £20, why would you want to pay double that for an individual unique one? It’s a challenge. I think I need to sit down and get some stock sorted and go for Etsy or similar, maybe even a craft fair or two.

BC/ Exactly!

Etsy is a good place to sell on, I sell on there for example. There are Etsy groups based in your area that are good for crafters on any level and more such as the Northampton one I was in til recently (I left due to the reasons I go into in a post about it) that gave a lot of good advice. I am pretty sure your stuff will sell at small fairs.

I know just for the heck of it I will ask a pretty random question which I will do for all other Cherry Ladies interview from now on, what is your favourite flavoured soup?

H/ I know there was a Bedford group but I was the admin for it and not a lot happened! ☹️ maybe there’s another Bedford group. I’ll have to take a look. 

Favourite soup, well I’m really boring. My favourite is chicken soup. Once in a while I will eat tomato soup but it has to be accompanied by cheese sandwiches.

BC/ You should be able to become part of Etsy Makers Northants as the group consists of people from Northampton, Kettering, Daventry etc They are pretty active and got a lot of stuff planned. Awkward for me as I left said group but I think the group would help.

Oh a good choice, for me either tomato or the posh Sainsburys Asparagus soup.

With Daisy Media, do you go to networking groups at all? There is normally a lot on and most of them are free.

H/ I will take a look at the Northampton group. Thanks. 

Networking wise, so I am very active in #BedsHour. This started as a networking hour on Twitter but we’ve had some get-togethers in person. We’ve done a sit down dinner at The Pavilion in a Bedford Park. We also did one event where it was pretty much six of us sat round a table sharing a pizza. Networking doesn’t need to be flash or lots of people. That was one was just before Christmas and it was lovely to have a little huddle. 

I’ve found quite a few don’t always fit around childcare so they can be breakfast meetings, are outside of Bedford (so getting there on the bus can be a challenge) or run over when I needed to collect my son from preschool but with him starting school in September I’m hoping things might open up a bit. 

BC/ That seems to be one of the challenges when it comes to networking in the real world.

I like to say thank you for taking part in The Cherry Ladies Interviews and letting me interview you!

I thought for the final question, have got any advice for any ladies who are in a similar situation to you working one job alongside a craft one?

H/ Make sure you have time away for both - make sure there is time for fun of some kind. Try to allocate your time between the two - if you want one to grow more than the other balance it that way, otherwise consider keeping it balanced with each having equal time when possible. 


Huge thanks to Hannah Johnson from Daisy Media for taking part in the interview, you can find more about Daisy Media at her website or at Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

If you want to know more about Daisy Chain, here is Facebook & Instagram!

Hannah has also got a blog, which can be found here

Thank you very much for reading!


 P.S For some reason that I can't explain or sort out is the first two questions are bold, sorry about that.

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