The Cherry Ladies Interviews! Part 1. Khandie Photography

The Cherry Ladies Interviews! Part 1. Khandie Photography

Hello all to a brand new series of interviews here at!

The Cherry Ladies Interviews will feature amazing and creative women who are connected to Bonfirecherry such as talented crafters, graphic designers and writers so expect some interesting conversations!

I'm starting off with Khandie, a photographer who I have known for quite some time who supports Bonfirecherry which truly means a lot and I feel honoured that she accepted being invited by me!

Before we start the first Cherry ladies interview, I let Khandie introduce herself

"Hi there I am Khandie. I guess the grown up me would say I am an award winning wedding, fashion and portrait photographer and avid youtuber. But really I wanna say I create images for folks who wanna stand out, who want to do it their way and be awesome. My studio here in Northampton is my creative space but you are as likely to see me hanging in there as you are spotting me waist deep in water photographing or creating magic with my camera skills in the local area."

With the introductions out of the way, let's start the interview!

Bonfirecherry/ Thanks for allowing me to interview you for this series celebrating the wonderful and creative ladies connected with Bonfirecherry! 

How are you today?

Khandie Photography/ How am I today? I am pasty white…erm.. I mean English Rose white…and it is hellish but boy oh boy do I love the sun. Ok so I cover myself in sunscreen factor duvet but it is wonderful. I am editing some sublime wedding images I took during a recent elopement. There are motorbikes, sequin dresses and pub style bangs n mash!

BC/ glad to hear, I'm the same when it comes tanning in the sun but I hate the heat, I know people will think I'm weird saying this but I prefer the rain . Of course I know the answer to this but for everyone reading this, how did you discover and become friends with Bonfirecherry?  

KP/ I think I found Bonfire Cherry on Instagram …then I placed an order for a bag (Camera one) and then boom I was sent the cutest video of it being packaged. It was adorable marketing and I loved it. I have now two bags, three badges and a booklet.

BC/ I still remember seeing the post on Instagram of you showing off the camera bag, it can be found on my customer feedback page and your support means so much to me. When it comes to your photography, is there any photographers that you admire/respect?

KP/ it would be cliché of me to say loads of photographers inspire me but they do. Thanks to the world of social media ever expanding I am being introduced to more and more. Don’t get me wrong I may not like everything they do, personal views etc but I tend to take away something from each person. I adore the mystery and aesthetics of Ellen Rogers (, the gentle femininity of Lara Jade ( and the passion of Mango Street ( Other people include Julia Fullerton-Batten, Joanie Simon (The Bite Shot on Youtube), Sean Tucker (amazing!!!) and Jeff Rojas.

BC/ An interesting choice of people, I will check them out. I didn’t know that you had a YouTube channel, known this long and still finding out these amazing things about you! 

Is there any people be they famous that you would love to have a photo shoot with?

KP/ My YouTube channel is very much in its infancy and is mainly for behind the scenes of my photo shoots to try and deter people from thinking its not easy for jo public to have these amazing images. It’s another place to share my work, my practices and improve myself as well as the customer experience. I also vlog about the trials and tribulations of being a freelance photographer.

I always said I wanted to photograph Jeff Goldblum. The man is eccentric, passionate and extremely intelligent. I would also like to photograph my father. He was not and has not been in my life bar two dinner dates since I was 3 yrs old. I would love to see how I would capture him. Would I see me in him despite there being no input in my life from him other than my DNA? I would love it.

BC/ oh interesting, I used to have a Vimeo account that I used during college but had to delete it when I shared my Bonfirecherry products on there a few years ago, after they forced me to change to a pro account which I do couldn’t afford at the time.

Jeff is amazing, I’m the same with Bryan Cranston. I grew up watching Malcolm in the middle and loved his character most of all and the stuff he has done since but he will always be Hal to me.

How has 2018 been for you so far?

KP/ 2018 has been a pretty impressive year so far. I picked up more work, went to photography private viewings, did stuff at Pinewood Studios as well as did some more personal project stuff. I have to say its really ramping up and I love it. Especially when the current climate is not always great for the self employed but I have found slow and steady is the best way

YouTube is an amazing tool. Its free, its accessible and is owned by Google so you know its gonna be good on searches. It is also a great community there and I find myself conversing with amazing photographers as I would mates in the coffee shop.

BC/ I'm finding myself doing the same by taking the slow in this heat. 

As it’s not long now til the end of 2018, have you got any plans for 2019 or too early to ask?

KP/ as with any successful business, I have a plan for the next 12 months and up to the next 5…I kid not. So I am planning to go back to Cambodia soon. I am also looking at building up my wedding photography more and also there are a few front covers in the pipeline for my fashion and portrait work. I have had a few companies approach me about sponsoring me or making me their new ambassadors so new things are coming. Keen to keep my YouTube up dated so will be doing more challenges and creative stuff there.

BC/ Oh that sounds amazing and interesting! When it comes to your photography, how did it all start for you?

KP/ You know what there was no defining moment for me. I was always in photos or taking them. I guess a trip to Whitby a few too many years ago with an ex-boyfriend and his old Pentax sort of made me realise I wanted to learn to use it better. Things snowballed from there. No Eureka moment but that first front cover I got gave me a mega buzz. Then articles followed about me and my work. Before long my work was being published more and more, clients were coming to me more and more.

BC/ Oh that's rather interesting on how things turned out! 

Thank you again for taking part in these Cherry Ladies interviews, I thought for the final question I will ask if you got any advice for any young girls/women who are thinking about taking up photography?

KP/ Advice?? The world is hard enough to make your way in it. So never allow someone to use what is not within your control against you. Learn to stand up for yourself, learn business practises and never do it to just please others. Likes dont mean jack shit so forget buying the  love. Work because you want to. Never be afraid to say no. And a massive one to help the entire self employed world? Stop working for free or 'exposure' unless the terms or renumeration are laid out properly when shoot for free to get a free advert in their magazine. And even then do your background checks. The world is full of people wanting to make money off you without paying you. 

You can find out Khandie and her photography by checking out website and you can find her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter & Instagram!

Thank you very much for reading this amazing and very informative Cherry Ladies interview, the first of many!


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