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I start this Cherry Post by not talking about print work. Going on from the last CP, on Saturday I went on a night out with my guy friends for a meal at The Smoke Pit in Northampton. This is a restaurant I have been told numerous things about for ages & have tried a few times to get people to come with me to check this small business out. Originally planned a night out with the lads the Saturday before at another restaurant but wasn’t feeling well so had to cancel it, after some recommendations I decided to get...

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Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post I start this post off about talking about Magee St Bakery, a small business last year who I discovered and worked with last year (search the bakery in the blogs for all the info about that) where I am currently starting this CP from. It’s been awhile since I visited the wonderful bakery and with the plan of meeting up with a good friend/client I thought this small business would be an ideal place and thought while I was at it,  I bring along a new framed print “Robin’s War”. Robin’s War is...

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Hello everyone to this week’s Cherry Post The previous week’s posts I’ve started off talking about a visit to a small business and print work after, this week is no different but this should be the last time for awhile due I need to starting saving money for a week holiday to Lisbon, Portugal in April among other things but still will continue to support the business I have been talking about and will be talking about through other means as I like to support fellow local businesses. Last week I produced some colourful prints such as different versions of...

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Wow can’t believe it’s the 50th Cherry post this week! This week was a very creative and interesting one like always, shortly after last week’s CP I spent the weekend producing all the wonderful and amazing printed knot-wrap that I can confirm is coming to Bonfirecherry Wednesday 25th January! I’m starting a bandanna sized knot-wrap to start with and will do bigger if these turn out to be a very popular item as I am hoping them to be 😊 I have got a talented friend who is helping me photograph these knot-wrap in creative ways that I can use...

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Hello all to this week’s cherry post As we are now in Autumn I thought I go into what Bonfirecherry has done for the beginning of October and briefly tease what I have planned for the rest of the season and winter. I started off the week by ordering a lot material that I needed to produce a lot of Bonfirecherry Christmas/Halloween themed products such as the new notebooks design which are now available to order at (as shown above) During the weekend at I decided to do a surprise One Day Sale where for 24 hours I...

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