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Hello to this week’s Cherry Post. Reminder before I get to the meat of what Bonfirecherry has been up to the past 7 days that here at Bonfirecherry.com you can get discontinued linocut prints going as far back as 2013 reduced to amazing prices, you can find it here. With that out of the way, lets start this post!   Hmm WiFi has disappeared off my laptop/tablet and not sure how to get it back. Been following instructions online but no luck, I’ve ran out of mobile data too. A post shared by BonfireCherry Prints (@bonfirecherry) on May 11, 2018...

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Hello all to the last view Cherry Posts that Bonfirecherry will be publishing for awhile. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the last blog post I published talking about some changes to Bonfirecherry in 2018 which can be found here. With that said, this CP will mainly be about the first of two Christmas events Bonfirecherry is attending this year, which was Abington Park Museums Christmas Fair. If you have been following Bonfirecherry for awhile, you may know I have attended fairs at Abington Park Museum a fair few times over the years and for good...

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Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post Last weekend I attended the Vintage & Craft fair at Abington Park Museum, so let’s start this week’s Cherry Post talking about that! For anyone who has known Bonfirecherry for a long time or likes reading these blog posts, you will know I love attending events at Abington Park Museum for a variety of reasons with one of them being the location, who wouldn’t like to have a stall inside a museum?!   Want to know how the fair went? You will have to wait til next Fridays Cherry Post☺ A post shared...

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  Welcome to this week’s Cherry Post! This week has been another creative week so lets dive straight into talking about that, with the next fair Bonfirecherry will be attending (Abington Park Museum) tomorrow I have been spending most of the week working on the final bits and bobs such as a few more tote bags and mounted prints to have available at the event.   I've been printing more tote bags for the upcoming event, brought back the popular Sew Sew tote bag design. Do you prefer the sewing machine or Rabbit? #northampton #smallbusiness #printmaker A post shared by...

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Hello all to a magical & creative Cherry Post. This week’s CP is a mixture of what I’ve done this and what Bonfirecherry has been up to. On Saturday as a late Christmas/Birthday present I visited the Harry Potter tour, this is something I have been looking forward to the past few months. When I visited Lisbon, Portugal awhile ago I used the hashtag #BConHoliday on all the pics I uploaded so anyone who was interested could find them easily and thought I do another hashtag for this day out to this magical place with #BCHPtour At the Harry Potter...

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