Last night I found a t-shirt I produced in 2014 (which I am giving away at a price, details at bottom of the post about) which got me thinking about t-shirts again.

Over past 2 years I've had a lot of requests for t-shirts but kept declining for various reasons such as back in August in 2014 I decided to print some like the one above but I had problems printing the logo which ruined the t-shirts what ended up putting me off producing any t-shirts(I now use iron on labels instead of printing the logo).

But good news, after some thinking I will be producing some limited edition t-shirts around Christmas time this year. It's just a small plan at the moment but after the Atomic Vintage Festival next month I will start to think about designs for the t-shirts and christmas themed products, if you got any suggestions what can be a cool t-shirt design that both men and women would wear please comment below.

As mentioned above, I am giving the t-shirt shown above away but at a price of course!

All you need to do is either comment on the pinned post on both my twitter & facebook or below with what price would you think would be best + if I agree you can get the t-shirt at that price (+ P&P)!

Comment below any questions regarding t-shirts too!

Thanks for reading


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