Post November Bonfirecherry Plans!

Post November Bonfirecherry Plans!

Hello all!

Instead of the Cherry Post this week I thought I go into the ideas I’ve got for Bonfirecherry post November!

Why after November? I’ve been explaining a few times recently that Bonfirecherry is going to Japan for this years #BCholiday and a lot of my time and most importantly, money is going to the holiday to make it the best holiday ever.

With that, I haven’t been able to put a lot of my well earned money into Bonfirecherry, I’ve managed to put some eg the Better Understanding totes but not as much as I usually produce, so when I first announced my trip to Japan I promised that I will show off tons of new designs after Japan and I’m still planning on doing that.

With that, lets go over what I’ve got in my after Japan

  • More experimental prints
  • Two tone classic Bonfirecherry designs
  • Christmas totes, drawstring bags and badges
  • More classic Bonfirecherry badges available at the Bonfirecherry shop
  • New badges
  • More wrapping fabric/Furoshiki
  • Japan inspired prints, badges, totes and Furoshiki
  • A limited run of birthday/Christmas cards (packs)

What sounds interesting to you?
Comment below!

Thanks for reading!


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