Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 | Targets For The New Year

Hello all!

With 2018 now here, I thought I talk about what Bonfirecherry has got planned when I return to print work January 22nd.

  • I got another inspired by another linocut printmaker on this idea but I am thinking of having some Bonfirecherry designs on redbubble so customers can get their favourite designs onto to mugs and phone cases etc as I don't have the know how on how to produce by them myself and will keep the costs down etc. Please comment below on your thoughts about that.
  • Small hand printed tote bags will make a return after 3 years as I know they were popular for kids parties and book lovers. Haven't yet thought of designs for them as time of this post.
  • Speaking of tote bags, I will bring back/re-produce (as I've lost the original lino) the popular Camera No.2 tote bags as it has been requested a lot towards the end of 2017.
  • Last year I produced medium sized hand printed wrapping fabric, this year I produce large sized knot-wrap so they can wrap larger items & can be used as scarfs
  • More tea towel designs will be produced
  • New & colourful make-up/toiletry bags will return
  • New linocut prints inspired by new themes such as pachinko machines, Coby The Llama as shown in the post image etc. I won't want to reveal too much!

So that's a tease of what's to come!

If you got any questions or suggestions for ideas, comment below :)


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