#BonfireGiveaway | All The Important Information

Hello all

Here is all the information regarding the #BonfireGiveaway happening on Sunday 16th October, where Bonfirecherry will be giving away a FREE custom print as prize!

  • The #BonfireGiveaway will be happening via the Bonfirecherry twitter (twitter.com/Bonfirecherry) between 7.00am to 7.00pm BST.
  • The #BonfireGiveaway is open to UK/Europe/USA/Canada/S.Africa/Australia residents aged 18 and over only.
  • The custom print can only be either A5 or A4 sized, nothing bigger.
  • To enter the #BonfireGiveaway, entrants must have access to the internet and have a twitter account. Entrants must follow @Bonfirecherry to be eligible for the #BonfireGiveaway.
  • At 7.00am I will ask the question which you must answer within 12 hours correctly to enter the giveaway
  • Only tweets with the correct answer, @Bonfirecherry + #BonfireGiveaway will be accepted
  • Only one entry permitted per person
  • Each correct entry will receive a number be between 7.00am to 7.00pm BST. After I will use a random number generator to decide on the winner (Entries received after the giveaway has ended will not be counted)
  • The winner of the #BonfireGiveaway will be notified first through a private message and then the winners name/account name will be announced on the Bonfirecherry’s Twitter/Facebook/Instagram accounts

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