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Hello all, as you can see this is not my usual Cherry Post that I publish every Friday. The Cherry Post will return 13th January 2017 due to Bonfirecherry being on it’s Christmas break til the new year so I thought I do something a bit different. Usually I’m the one getting interviewed but after being the interviewer earlier this year with fellow printmaker Emma Higgins (find the chat here) I’ve decided for the next few weeks to interview people and fellow small business who have helped Bonfirecherry during 2016 calling the interviews “Bonfirecherry vs

To start this off I’ve picked Anna-Lou from Muddy Stilettos Northants a “Urban Guide to the Countryside” which I discovered  after Anna-Lou contacted me earlier this regarding a custom project.

The name Muddy Stilettos Northants may sound familiar to those who have been following Bonfirecherry during 2016 as BC won the Best Local Producer (creative) category in The Muddy Stilettos Awards 2016 – Northants as shown in the image above of me collecting my award from Anna-Lou at the awards in person (Click here to be taken taken to a post where I talk about that wonderful evening I had with other great and deserving winners)

Let's start the interview!

What is the origins behind Muddy Stiletto's Northants?

I was a journalist in London, Hero Brown the founder of Muddy had decided she wanted to grow the brand and took on another 9 counties. I heard about it from a friend, and thought, hey, great chance to no longer commute AND get to find out loads more about our great county and the fabulous businesses within :) I applied to run Northants, she interviewed me and proclaimed me perfect for the role of editor, Muddy Northants. Ha ha. (Find out more here)  

Have you got any highlights for 2016?

Launching an exciting new blog in a great county, meeting loads of great local businesses, and of course, the Awards. Which although happened quickly (when Muddy Northants was only four/five months old), had such an amazing response, far exceeding our expectations (well over 20k people voted over 30 categories). 

Anything big planned for 2017?

Even bigger and better Awards! Also growing the blog. As a group we already have 11 counties and we’re just signing up 5 more for 2017. We’ll be a national outfit with a local presence. I’m aiming to grow our Little Black Book of local businesses so people will go to Muddy Northants to find the things they want to do/buy/eat etc (which you can find out more of here

How do you think Muddy Stiletto's 2016 awards went for you and your team? Any plans to do it again next year?

See above 

If your Muddy Stilleto's Northants team could describe you in one word, which would you think they would choose?


What 4 items could you not live without?

Family (including Stella the dog) - I know they’re not items, but they’re my most important things : ) Phone/laptop, wellies (I walk everywhere in them), red lippy and notebook. 

Do you have anyone in you life that you look up to for advice

Everyone. We’re always learning and I don’t presume to think there’s not at least one thing I couldn't learn from everyone I meet. Also, my family call me Googelou - me and Google are pretty tight. 

and Final question to finish off the first Bonfirecherry vs, How was I when I worked with you earlier this year with a custom project?

You were professional, keen and worked fast and to brief. Most importantly you were very friendly.


I think that wraps up the first Bonfirecherry vs, I like to say a huge thank you for Anna-Lou for allowing me to interview her. Check out Muddy Stilettos Northants here, I highly recommend checking the site out even if you don't live in/around Northampton (UK) as there is many hours worth of posts to check out. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram too!

Thank you for reading, the next Bonfirecherry vs with return in the new year due to some complications.


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