Bonfirecherry: Small Business or Hobby?

Bonfirecherry: Small Business or Hobby?


Since I got full time employment in retail before Christmas and then (from the 15th Jan) a full time role in the print/graphics industry, I have been thinking about Bonfirecherry a fair bit.

Don’t worry not going to change anything, well nothing that you can see etc but just what Bonfirecherry is eg a small business or hobby?

Let me explain what I’m going on about....

Better off starting with how Bonfirecherry started which was all the way back in 2010 when BC was part off my final major project for my graphics course at college. For my final major project I decided to do a fictional t-shirt business with advert inspired by drop dead clothing and I decided with the name of the business to be called Bonfirecherry (more about the origins here).

Anyway, after college I hoped to continue Bonfirecherry as a proper t-shirt business but I didn’t have a job at the time (only work experience I had before this was doing a paper round) so had to put BC on hold for 2 years to get a job in retail which helped bring my project back as a business back the year later.

As mentioned before that during the time I brought back BC back from the ashes I decided to do linocut printing and the retail job helped fund materials etc.

When you start a small business which is also a hobby for you, that you often (not saying this for everyone) put your expectations high such as thinking “Bonfirecherry is going to become a name everyone is going to know of” etc which I have been hoping for the past few years but I’ve changed my mind slightly since which I will get to.

While I was running Bonfirecherry alongside a part time job I thought it was a great combo but due to rising bills and changes in my personal life that I tried to push BC further that I hoped to get the sales to help with that so I didn’t need to look for more hours but I’m realising that there is a line that I hoped Bonfirecherry would be able to cross but just can’t no matter what I try.

The point I’m getting to, is that Bonfirecherry started off an idea then a hobby which also became a small business gaining a lot of supportive customers. With that I’ve been thinking about is what is Bonfirecherry to me now as I’ve now got full time employment in a dream industry which I was able to get because of my print work among other things and has it’s perks such as no longer working weekends so has opened up any event to me now & when I can do the print work.

The answer is that Bonfirecherry is a combination of a small business and a hobby that I’m happy with from what I’ve achieved on my own back with supportive of family, friends and it’s customers.

Just wanted to get this debate off my mind, Bonfirecherry won’t be going anywhere now I’ve reached a balance of things that keep me busy and most importantly, happy.

Anyway, thanks for reading if you got any questions feel free to ask in the comments below


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