Big Changes To Bonfirecherry In 2017

Big Changes To Bonfirecherry In 2017

Hello all this is Matthew from Bonfirecherry and for the first blog/news post of the new year I’ve decided to talk about the changes that will be happening at during 2017 after Monday 9th January (the day I return from my Christmas break).

Before I go into the changes I thought I may add that these are not written in stone and could change during the year depending on how’s things go.

  • Currently Bonfirecherry sells prints, tote bags, badges, notebooks & t-shirts at the site. After the clearance sale, which finishes on Sunday 8th when  notebooks & t-shirts will be taken off and will no longer be available to order.
  • Tote bags will temporary be unavailable during January as I will be changing the tote bags I’ve been using since 2014 to ones made of a stronger material with a gusset.
  • Ball of Wool Drawstring Bags will be coming back in stock towards the end of January
  • Linocut Hand Printed Knot-Wrap will be coming to Bonfirecherry! More details about this new product will be revealed in the first Cherry Post of 2017 which will be published next Friday
  • Alongside to the changes regarding the products, there will be a change in Bonfirecherry's description/motto on what BC does. Currently it says at the home page of this site "Welcome to Bonfirecherry, where you will find distinctive handcrafted items such as prints, bags, jewellery and t-shirts made using linocut with excellent customer service!" from Monday it will say "Welcome to Bonfirecherry, where you will find unique hand printed home décor & gift ideas made using linocut with excellent customer service" I will also update the social media pages descriptions too.
  • While nothing else is changing at, the items in the shop may be moving over to Etsy (where Bonfirecherry first started up at back in 2013/2014). The Bonfirecherry Etsy shop can be linked to the site but I will need to see how it will look before I can confirm this.
  • If I do return to Etsy I must see how this would affect the shop at the Bonfirecherry Facebook page
  • Bonfirecherry will no longer be producing custom notebooks, other custom products are not affected by this change.

I will do a part 2 later on in the year if there is any further changes, please do comment below or contact me directly if you have any questions regarding the changes.


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