Being Personal On Social Media

Hello all

I’ve had this on my mind for a while but forgot or haven’t had the time so as I am waiting for some t-shirts to arrive and all my recent blog posts have been the Cherry Post, I thought this would be the best time.

As someone who runs Bonfiecherry just by itself it’s hard to keep an account such as the Bonfirecherry Twitter/Facebook/Instagram both personal and business like at the same time.

I like to think that it’s good to be personal sometimes as it’s gives the business character and not just another business trying to sell its products to you but at the same time you have to be careful on what you post/tweet as it might annoy people and could affect potential sales. Alongside my print business I also work in retail where I often try to show off my personality when I’m trying to sell a product while making sure to stay professional.

Twitter is the social site I have the biggest following on & the one I use the most so it’s often on there that I often tweet personal stuff on my mind but I always make sure to use #Personaltweet in the message which someone recommended I should do. I would use a personal account that isn’t linked to Bonfirecherry as I’ve got on Facebook and Instagram but if I have one on twitter it will be another account for me to keep on checking every now and then so have decided to stay using the hashtag.

If you are also a person who runs their business and social media by themselves, please comment below on your thought on this as I would love to hear it.

Just wanted to keep this off my mind, thank you very much for reading



Julia Harris

Hi Matthew,
I think you do a great job on social media. Do you plan your posts? I struggle time wise with just my business posts so don’t do personal at all. I’m not sure what I would write anyway!


I have the same problems as too small to justify having loads of different accounts. Think the # tag route is a sensible one?

Daniel Townsend

My brand is me, so I can be a little more personal, but still need to be careful, just in case… There’s many things I’ve typed out or have been about to retweet but then deleted. If you use tweet deck, you can enable a button called “ready to tweet” it gives you an extra bit of time to reflect on the impact of your tweet before it goes public!

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