A View From Behind The Cherry | Week 2 to 5

A View From Behind The Cherry | Week 2 to 5

Hello all, this is not the Cherry Post.

This is a second part of a series of blog posts that is a follow-up to a personal blog post called Happy? That was published awhile ago.

Just a heads up that I WILL NOT BE TALKING ABOUT BONFIRECHERRY IN THIS POST BUT ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE. Please be aware of that before you continue. Click the Cherry Post tag at the bottom of the post or search Cherry Post at the top of the page to go back to BC related content!

Reason for this personal blog post is, because I’ve got the platform if it helps at least 1 person in a similar situation then it will have worked for me.

With that out of the way, lets start the post!



This was supposed to be a weekly blog post talking about my experience at Gender Services at Daventry hospital but I’ve been busy recently eg There was only 1 blog post about week 1 which you can find here and at the time I’m writing and publishing this post I will be on week 5!

I recommend reading Happy? & Week 1 before you continue, to get the context etc

Week 2 was about “behaviour activation”, as mentioned in the folder of info I got that week “behaviour is affected by the way we think, the way we think is affected by how we behave”. Went into what happens to improve your mood, for me it was listening to music and writing down my worries. I confess I didn’t attend the second week due to I was busy with work so couldn’t come along to the group.


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I returned for week 3 dressed up as my female self, these groups have really been helping me give the confidence to attend as a self I never had the courage to do outside my bedroom. Week 3 was about problem solving, we talked about what hypothetical & non-hypothetical things that make us worry.

We then went into how to solve a problem eg think of many solutions as we can to decide which solution to try.

I think the summary for week 3 was “Problems can cause us to worry, feel anxiety and/or lose motivation. Identify what is causing you distress and make a plan to find ways to get it sorted. This will help you regain control.

Ahead of week 4, getting confidence from the course got out in public as my female self without any worry, went out a few times with friends & by myself to places such as to test how I would cope & it went very well!



I went to week 4’s group in a skirt and heels, not something I will try again well not with the shoes I had but that’s experience for you.

Week 4 was about unhelpful thinking & positive thinking. This week did go a bit a bit dark with what some members of the group were talking about eg suicide which did eclipse most of the afternoon. We did go into Thought Restructuring, it’s a cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) based intervention. Cognitive means mental processes eg thinking. It  is based on the theory that the way we think affects how we feel and behave.

After looking into negative thinking patterns, we went into positive thoughts eg what we were looking forward to, what I get excited about to what I’m proud of.

It was a good way to end for week 4


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Before during and after

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Now to this week, week 5. Likewise what I did ahead of week 4, I went out as Megan to town and other places to help boost the confidence of going out as a woman.

Week 5 was about “Behavioural Experiments & Positive Data Logs”. Behaviour experiments are a good way to testing the validity of thoughts.



We thought about situations that would make us nervous etc such as going out for a coffee and what would we could to make it better, such as planning out the situation in your head or writing it down.


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What the group thinks of me 😍😘

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Something that made me smile was something we did during the break, a “self-esteem tree”, something we passed around the group asking people to add a positive quality about you. See above of what people thought of me!

I think that’s everything for this catch-up, thanks for reading!



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