A View From Behind The Cherry | Style

A View From Behind The Cherry | Style

Hello all, this is not a Cherry Post!

This is a new post in the personal blog series that I decided to call “A View From Behind The Cherry”, click here if you want to read the previous personal blog posts and here for the blog post called “Happy?” that started the series off.

Just a heads up that I WILL NOT BE TALKING ABOUT BONFIRECHERRY AS SUCH IN THIS POST BUT ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE. Please be aware of that before you continue. Click the Cherry Post tag at the bottom of the post to go back to BC related content!

This is a (long overdue) follow-up to the previous A View From Behind The Cherry post.

At the time I’m publishing this post it be 30 days til my trip to Japan, the reason why I’m so excited for it because it’s been a dream destination and it’s just natural to get more and more excited.

Another reason that after Japan I be changing my name officially to Megan by deed-poll and going to live as a woman full time. Doing it after Japan as it’s given me enough time to give a heads up to family, friends, work etc and if I did change early I would have to fork out for a new passport etc and my current passport isn’t that old.

Technically I still be me after this upcoming development but at the same time there will be things that will change in the future that I can’t go back on eg when I take hormones etc and for that I suppose it’s not something I want to rush. For family and close friends I have been Matt for the past 29 years and still be Matt in the future them and I want to assure them I am making the right decision in this so that’s why I want to go close to help them and me. I’m personally going to allow friends/family to still call me Matt when at home etc as I’m not the sort of people to focus my personal decision on other people.

I have been getting myself more confident as Megan, that much that my hair is long enough that I have ditched my wigs and when I return from Japan that I will be getting cut and dyed in a feminine way.

There is things that will take time to work out such as body language and how I present myself to people among other things.


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Something I am trying to do at the moment is getting my own personal style as Megan. The past year I have been dressing like an old lady and not a 29 year old lady. The past week I have been trying more fashionable looks which seem to be popular, the problem for me has been that I’m tall and got a bit of a belly (honestly trying my best to get it down a bit but hard when you work in a bakery part time in a supermarket eg surrounded by food) but I suppose its not something I will work out overnight.

I have been blogging about this so far and I will continue to blog about this after Japan as I publish these personal blog posts to help anyone else in a similar situation.

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