A View From Behind The Cherry - Securing A Future

A View From Behind The Cherry - Securing A Future

Hello all to the follow-up to last week’s A View From Behind The Cherry Post!

This is a personal blog post, Bonfirecherry related posts such as The Cherry Ladies Interviews will return next week with Part 5.

Just a heads up in this post, I will be saying the word Sperm a few times, I know there should be a limit on what I can talk about without being over the time (such as the donation process, I will mention it but won’t go into detail).

During the past few days I had a visit to a fertility clinic, ahead of hormone treatment in a few weeks, it’s wise to sort out my future.

In short I’m a virgin and the hormones will kill any chance of producing kids later on in life. I’ve got no desires for children at the moment (I just want to sort my life out first then think about relationships and what not) but I’m bound to change my mind in the future.

On Monday I worked at my bakery job 4am to 12pm then went home briefly to get changed, lunch, bit of house work then headed to the other side of town to Care Fertility Clinic for an appointment at 1.30pm.

After waiting awhile to be seen, I first had to sign some important documents such as the contract for Sperm Cryopreservation (freezing) + Storage (fancy title).

I did get a copy of some patient information on Sperm storage and it explains  Why Store Sperm?

“For many years it has been known that sperm are capable of surviving the freezing/thawing process. Since the introduction of new fertility techniques, such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), the range of fertility problems that can be overcome using previously frozen sperm has increased. Essentially, in any situation where it may be difficult or impossible to obtain a fresh sample, sperm can be frozen in advance for future use”

I explained my reasons earlier in the post.

After the important stuff was signed, next I had a blood sample taken from me for HIV & other stuff. Normally it’s very easily to get blood from me but due to work and not drinking enough water on that day it took awhile to get some haha.

When that was done, it was time for the important donation. I’m skip the process of that for both of our sakes.

I got a phone call later that later that they got some samples from my donation but want me to go back on Thursday to produce some more as it’s recommended for people in my situation.

Thankfully my visit on Thursday only took about 10 minutes of my time, quick I know.

In total I got some very good results from the fertility clinic, in total they have got just around 23 straws of my sperm (12 on the first trip and 11 on the second, a straw is the size of what the ink comes in a biro pen, twisted by the top and bottom, the samples are split into two and put into two different canisters) normally low amount is about 2 or 3.

I was planning on ending this post with the further good news that I’ve received the letter saying I can book a appointment at the doctors to get hormones.. but oh well.

Instead I will mention two things, the first that I’ve got an appointment at Gender Services on 2nd January to talk to someone professional about recent events etc so that’s something to look forward to in the meantime.

The second is the good and bad side effects of the hormone treatment that I will eventually go through.

The good effects is more of a feminine figure and facial features, which will come after a few months.

The bad effects come if I don’t exercise/diet while/before I take the hormones as the chance of blood clots, cancer & heart attacks. If I don’t keep my Vitamin D level up, I will have brittle bones by the time I’m 55 (I’m currently 29).

I think that’s everything I think I can talk about, I will do another personal post  in a few times when I start to take hormones.

Thanks for reading!



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There’s so much to think about! I’m really enjoying learning about the process from your experience – thank you for sharing.


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