A View From Behind The Cherry | Pride

A View From Behind The Cherry | Pride

Hello all, this it not a Cherry Post!

This is a new post in the personal blog series that I decided to call “A View From Behind The Cherry”, click here if you want to read the previous personal blog posts and here for the blog post called “Happy?” that started the series off.

Just a heads up that I WILL NOT BE TALKING ABOUT BONFIRECHERRY AS SUCH IN THIS POST BUT ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE. Please be aware of that before you continue. Click the Cherry Post tag at the bottom of the post to go back to BC related content!

With that out of the way, lets start the post!


I am slowly being more open as Megan, friends and family know me very well. I’m doing it in steps and last week I came out to people I am connected to on Facebook.

I just thought “oh I just post this and see what happens”, I think I did it just because Northampton Pride was on last weekend and thought I get in the spirit.

I am slowly bringing Megan into being the face of Bonfirecherry, so far I have been getting great support and compliments which has been helping with the slow transition of a change of face so to speak.

Speaking of Northampton Pride, there was a fashion show hosted by an independent 1950s clothing shop called Bohemian Finds who support LGBTQ+ people. A few weeks ago I was tagged in a post on facebook for any volunteers who want to model for them in Northampton Pride, at the time I didn’t really give answer wasn’t sure I was going to be free or have the confidence to do it.

I posted about myself on Facebook the day before the event and a friend/old client of mine helps runs Bohemian Finds contacted me to ask why I didn’t sign up, as I didn’t have much planned on Saturday aside from some custom work that I could work on in the afternoon, I said yes.



The fashion show would be on between 12 to 1.30ish, so I got at the shop around 10.30ish so I could get ready early as I wasn’t sure what to expect. There was around 21 models in total from what I can remember, so there wasn’t a lot of places to get changed, so I got ready on some stairs just behind the changing rooms, I honestly didn’t mind and wasn’t fused who saw me. In total there was around 3 people who were “like me” (let you decide on what word I should have said in it’s place, don’t want to offend anyone but saying the wrong words) and the rest were some really beautiful ladies.


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@bohemianfinds #Northamptonpride #Northampton

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I was picked a nice purple dress with a belt and hair clip, I confess it’s not something I would normally wear but it was nice to wear got compliments such as one from an elderly lady who came up to me and said how pretty I was. See pics of the dress above, comment down below on what you think!


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Wasnt long til I was going on stage #Northamptonpride #Northampton

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When everyone got ready, we started to head over to the market square in the middle of Northampton town for the fashion show (half of the market square was the main hub for Northampton Pride). We were put into 7 groups of 3, with me in the last group to go on stage where each group showing off their dresses and danced a bit to the music (see yours truly on stage in the image for this post!).

Overall the fashion show went very well, there was a lot of people supporting Northampton pride which was great. I was a tad nervous but overall I knew I was going to do it without any problems, as I’m being more Megan, I am becoming more confident at doing stuff like this, go back a year and I most likely wouldn’t have done this!

Random but I know I fall into the LGBTQ+ community but for me, I just say I’m being my true self, if I had to label myself, that would be it “Me” not any words that you think would suit me. As mentioned in a previous A View From Behind The Cherry Post, nowadays no one really cares what you do unless you give them a reason to care & most likely be honest with what they think.

Anyway I think that’s everything I wanted to talk about, please comment on your thoughts down below!


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Such a beautiful dress! Pride events always look like so much fun. Lovely to see Megan take another leap in confidence.


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