A View From Behind The Cherry - Great Developements

A View From Behind The Cherry - Great Developements

Hello all to a new instalment in the personal blog series talking about the recent events in my personal life.

Yes about my personal life and not about Bonfirecherry. If you want to read blog posts about what Bonfirecherry has been up to, check out the Cherry Posts and various interviews I’ve published!

As many of you who follow me online know that I went to Japan a few weeks ago. It wasn’t just a trip to Japan, it was the last adventure/holiday as myself as Matthew so I didn’t take any “feminine” stuff with me only male stuff that I would use as Matt the whole trip.

When I returned from Japan I followed through with my promise and a few days after dealing with jet lag (eg after an 13 hour flight from Japan back to the UK), I sent my deed poll form off with my new name (legal way of changing your name here in the UK). I was Mr Matthew John Samuel Leyman and now Miss Megan Jo Samantha Leyman.

It’s been taking awhile to change everything over.

Something good that came out of changing my details over was, well I changed stuff over at the doctors and wasn’t sure if it was change over at Gender Services so I contacted them to make sure.

After confirmation that it was changed at the doctors, I got some good news that I was able to get an appointment a few days later as it’s been awhile since my last visit (there is usually a few months gap between appointments at GS and you normally don’t get notified of an appointment til about 6 weeks before) so that made my day.


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This wasn’t just any appointment, this to get a second opinion on getting hormones and a physical health check. I am wanting to go through this change slowly to make it easier for myself and for everyone around me so just thinking of hormones, not surgery well not for plenty of years to come.

The further good news is that I can take hormones I am in the health bracket that allows me to have them.

At the time I am writing this post I am 2 or so weeks away from getting a letter which I can take to the doctors to book an appointment to get the female hormones (which I will be getting in patch form, there is pills and injections too).

There is something I need to do first before hormones that is very important and that is something I don’t have the intention yet but for later on in life and that is to have kids. Hormones will make some changes to my body that if I don’t store sperm (sorry if a bit OTT even by my level) I’ve got no way of producing the stuff to make kids in the future.

It’s been a journey in itself finding how to store things like sperm as there is a way of getting stored by the NHS via funding who store it for 10 years or pay a fair bit to go private. You have to getting referred to a board that decided if your storage request gets approval or not and not that much people do so either go private or just don’t bother I know some who are going the opposite to me who doesn’t not to go private to get their eggs stored.

I sent my request for storage some months ago and never heard anything back so I assumed I got rejected from funding for storage, I had a doctors appointment just a few days before GS and was told that I was rejected so they sent off another request off.

So it was a surprise at the Gender Services appointment that I did get approval, all the way back in August so they were confused with what my doctor said. So I went back to the doctors to talk about the next stages of storage.

In short, it was a very pointless visit to the doctors as they didn’t know what to do in the next few stages, as I learnt throughout the year that any GP at my doctors practice don’t know about the details of the situation I am in due to it is something that doesn’t happen that often.

So I’ve had to do the research myself and that was contact a fertility clinic and well it is the right place to go next but I need to get referred there along with a copy of my funding. After a call to the doctors to pass this info, I now have to wait.

I need to wait first for the appointment at the fertility clinic and sort storage out making sure that’s all done/stored as it’s a way of having kids in the future (got no desire at the moment don’t want to regret it) and then book an appointment at the doctors when I receive the hormone letter which allows me to get the stuff.

If I knew this all the way in August I wouldn’t be having to do such a wait but oh well, just now it is.

When it comes to hormones, this upcoming development involves some important changes in the here and now if I want to live next step of life as Megan to the fullest because.. if I don’t diet/exercise properly which I haven’t done in years.. later down the line the hormones will kill me.

I will go into the negative effects and what I’m doing to do in next week’s post.

Thanks for reading


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What a shame your doctors appointment couldn’t have been more helpful. I think it’s common with most doctors surgeries that anything outside of a physical injury/illness and they’re useless. I’ve had similar experiences when going to them with my mental health. With people like you sharing their story hopefully doctors can begin to educate themselves!


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