A View From Behind The Cherry - Being A Book In A Human Library

A View From Behind The Cherry - Being A Book In A Human Library

I’m taking part in the Human Library Project in Northampton ran by Community Court Yard (who help with social education, training & grassroots community engagement projects) so I thought I blog about it.

I will talk about recent events in my life at the end as I can’t think of a better time I can talk about it all part from doing a separate blog posts for it but.. anyway I will explain what I mean later on.


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I think I'm ready for today

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I suppose I start from the start of the day (I think I could have worded that a lot better, comment better suggestions down below). I really wanted to wear my red flats so decided my outfit around that, wasn’t wearing red because of valentines which the day fell on.



The human library project was taking place in 3 places around the town square in Northampton town;  Zapato Lounge, The Hub and Café Track. We were told to meet up at Zapato Lounge first to meet up with everyone who was taking part, I got there just before 10.30 same time as everyone else.


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On table 8 😊

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When I got there, there was a table with numbers telling those who want to “read a book” which numbers mean what such as I was no.8 for Transgender and there was Matt on table No.5 which was for Gay/LGBT I believe.

Thankfully my table was next to the main table which I said down at ready for the start of the event and started to write about the event in the notebook I brought with me but when it started I was just too busy chatting to write anything haha.

Shortly after the start of the event at 11 (it was on til 1) I got interviewed by Carly Roberts from Northampton Chronicle & Echo. You can read the article about the Human Library project here!

To help anyone who wants to ask a book a question, there was a piece of paper with questions suggested to ask which most people used.


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Just been interviewed again 😊

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After a while some Northampton University students video interviewed me and the other books taking part. I wonder if I can see that in the future?

For me the project went alright for me as I was a book for a few people which felt great to answer any questions people have got about transgendered people.

I did get two very interesting conversations, first was with someone else I know who has transitioned male to female and has got similar thoughts on trans to me.

The second came just before the end of the event I had a long chat with a member of the Northampton LGBTQ Facebook group ranging from to what is the right age to allowed hormones to being gender neutral.

At the end of the Human library project, everyone who took part who was free we all went to Cafe Track for drinks and pizza!



Overall, it was great taking part!

With the Human Library out of the way, I can briefly go into recent events that I don’t need to dedicate a separate blog post for.

I’ve been on hormone patches for over two months now, the day this blog post goes live I be getting my second male hormone blocker. At this current time there hasn’t been noticeable changes yet part from a change in emotions, I’m a pretty emotional person already so I can say it’s interesting dealing with it.



I have been able to get 6 free months of Weight Watchers so I started that 2 weeks ago as I need to change how I deal with eating & losing weight as I need to think about that while taking hormones as there is serious health risks if I don’t.

Thanks for reading!


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What a brilliant project to be a part of! Glad to hear that the hormone patches aren’t having a negative impact on you. Hormones can be so much fun haha!


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