A View From Behind The Cherry | 29 Years

A View From Behind The Cherry | 29 Years

Hello all, this is not a Cherry Post!

This is a new post in the personal blog series that I decided to call “A View From Behind The Cherry”, click here if you want to read the previous personal blog posts and here for the blog post called “Happy?” that started the series off.

Just a heads up that I WILL NOT BE TALKING ABOUT BONFIRECHERRY AS SUCH IN THIS POST BUT ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE. Please be aware of that before you continue. Click the Cherry Post tag at the bottom of the post to go back to BC related content!

This is a follow-up to the previous A View From Behind The Cherry post.

With some important changes coming up in the upcoming months, I thought I get something off my mind, so this post hasn’t really got a set plan on what I will be talking about.

I have been Matthew for 29 years (30 next March) and there is family members and friends who have known me as that for that many years (well family members for sure). So it’s understandable that people will have trouble referring to someone under a different name/pronoun all of a sudden.

A lot of my family members have decided to come up with the nickname of “M” at the moment as it can refer to me as Matt or Megan and I like that. Family members would find it the hardest with the name change and if this helps then I am 100% ok with it.

I don’t like to be one of those people that forces people to call me a new name if they don’t  want to.

Because I have been telling my friends of Megan for the past few years, they have been ok calling me Megan but sometimes when they are out in public they sometimes accidentally called Matt but stuff like that will happen.

I have been blogging and showing off my face publicly online since 2009/2010 so it will be impossible to erase Matt online so I am not going to attempt that. I’m just going to slowly replacing certain pictures/videos as Megan sure as on the “History of Bonfirecherry” & “Behind The Cherry” and not going to make a big song and dance about it part of showing that it’s been updated.

I just like to think of “Megan” as the new me, just like getting a new haircut & new taste of clothes. Matthew will always be me, there is enough pictures/videos & memories of Matt that friends & family have got so never want people to forget all of that, that will be wrong to focus that on people. I think the best way of thinking about this is that, this is going to be a new phase I can’t go back on as the upcoming changes will be permanent.

I think that’s everything I can think of, thanks for reading!


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I love your approach of looking at this as a new phase of your life. It sounds like your friends and family are really supportive.


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