A View From Behind The Cherry | Week 1

A View From Behind The Cherry | Week 1

Hello all to not the Cherry Post

As it’s been a bit quiet on the print front this week, I’ve decided to do a follow up to a personal blog post called Happy? That I published recently. This is going to be a small series of personal blog posts following that blog post that you can find here.

I won’t be talking about Bonfirecherry  in this post and will be talking about my personal life, please beware of that before you continue. You want to read about Bonfirecherry, you can find the Cherry Posts here.

With that out of the way, let’s start this post!

As mentioned at the top of this post, this is a follow up from Happy? I talk about a side of me in that post that I thought I be a bit more open about, more to help anyone in a similar situation

That side of me that I talk about, is a feminine one. Something that I’ve been dealing with since around 12/14 years old that I like to describe as a female Jekyll and Hyde persona of myself, sometimes I like I like being Matt, other times I like to be Megan. It’s been a part of my life for so long that I finally found out about Gender Services which is a part of the UKs NHS to get a better understanding it for myself and for friends/family. I got referred there sometime in 2016 and only heard back towards the end of 2018.

Reason for the wait is because in the UK it’s such a specialist thing that, that its cost a fair few bit of money an hour to see a private specialist.


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At Gender Services now

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To get the point of this small personal blog posts, to get the foot in the door so to speak at Gender Services and so they get to know you more they like you attend around 8 weeks of a Emotional Wellbeing Group which I’m attending as Megan instead of Matt, see post above of my female self above before I went into the first week of the group.

For whose who are curious what Emotional Wellbeing is, some stuff I received for week 1 explains it better that I would have “A  decrease in emotional wellbeing is generally associated with negative feelings such as low mood, anxiety and stress. An increase in emotional wellbeing is associated with positive feelings such as happiness, contentment and motivation to do things.”

For those who are wondering that this has got to do with someone in my situation or similar, there is an answer for that too “Nothing, emotional wellbeing is experienced by everyone

If you want to be picky, then is worth noting that people who are a minority group whether that is gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity etc are more likely to experience difficulties with their emotional wellbeing.”

With that, I thought I go into my experience with the group and that’s it really. I won’t go into anything about anyone else the group part form that there is 6 of us plus 2/3  members of staff as the group is really for us to be ourselves and I respect that.

We do have some group rules that we have thought of

  • Confidential
  • Non – Judgmental
  • Respect opinions
  • Calm
  • Share
  • Listening

We were asked what we thought Emotional Wellbeing was and here is some words and phrases I wrote down from one group as forgot to write the rest (this is before we got all the info that I mentioned earlier)

  • Happiness
  • Solitude
  • Relationships
  • Compassion
  • It’s ok not to be okay
  • Self-Care

I found the group to be very good, a good bunch of people and the members of staff there were very helpful. We were going into Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) which is based on a theory that the way we think (our cognitions), behave and feel are all linked. Its something I have heard about before but never knew more than that, so that is something I can take away from week 1.

I will be doing weekly blog posts going into how each week went, again I hope

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Looking forward to catching up on your blog posts. So lovely to hear that you have a great support network!


You are so very brave sharing this. I really hope you find the peace you are looking for. Be who you are and be proud of it x

Gill Dove

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