The Cherry Post No.7 / Stock take, Commission & Fair

Hello all, welcome to the cherry post no.7!

This week has been a fun one, at the start of the week I done the Bonfirecherry stock take which took awhile but managed to count all the bags, notebooks, prints & brooches. As you can expect the prints took the longest to count and while I was counting them, I was thinking that I have of old designs (produced during 2013 and 2014) that are just clogging up space and gathering space. That got me thinking that I can bring a few designs back like Zeus's Wrath pictures above as I have produced designs inspired by different themes. At the time of this post I have only decided I am going to bring back about 4/5 A5 designs and 2/3 A4 designs. I will talk more about this in a different blog post that I hope to publish during the weekend.

Before I had my short break awhile ago, I was working on a commission that I finally finished off this week. It was really fun to do and glad the client loved it as that is the thing that matters the most.

You can find more about custom work here 

In a previous post about the first fair I booked for 2016 for 9th April (click the fairs tab below to find it) I did mention that there was going to be a possible fair in March that I would be appearing at... GOOD NEWS I have got one booked in March now too!

Loved this event the previous 2 last year that I couldn't say no. I have a lot of stuff prepared, like always I still have a few things left to do before everything is ready and finished. I am pretty excited for the fair among other things I have (personally) got planned this month like my birthday and comic con among other things.

I will talk about the fair in the next cherry post

Thank you for reading!


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