The Cherry Post No.6 / Back To The Swing Of Things

The Cherry Post No.6 / Back To The Swing Of Things

Welcome all to The Cherry Post No.6!

If you read the previous blog and cherry post, I was away for a few days having a small break but that hasn't stopped me from any Bonfirecherry related work. 

I did take a lot of pictures at Disneyland Paris during the four days I was there, I have been thinking of producing a print based on something there but I will have to be careful as Disney are very tight with copyright etc

Before I went away I was started on a commission which I carried on this week, I won't go much into what I am working on til it's finished which should be early next week as I've got a lot of stuff to catch up on.

I have been looking at more fairs for Bonfirecherry to appear at this year, I already have one booked in April but in the process at the moment of booking an earlier fair on March 19th but will talk about this in a news post next week when it's all confirmed.

I have got new designs still in the works but I have been thinking of a rough schedule to release them in during 2016 as I don't want to release all my new designs altogether. Next month I will be working on posters as I have a design I just need to buy the card + lino for it as I will be working on a A1 size scale which I have never worked on before. 

With the picture of Disney Easter eggs, it has got me thinking to work on a Easter themed design which I will be thinking about during the next few weeks

If you want to know how my trip to Disneyland Paris went, check out the previous blog post or click on the tag "Disneyland Paris" below this post.

Thanks for reading, see you next Friday for the next Cherry Post!


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