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Hello all, as to be expected this blog post is about the short break I had to Disneyland Paris so a personal post more than a Bonfirecherry related one. I would like to do a print inspired by Disney but rather not due to the copyright issue haha

Anyway back to the trip.

Last time I went to Disneyland Paris was 2002/2004 so I have been looking forward to this trip with my brother since November last year.

We started the trip by first getting on the train to Euston, walking down the road to St Pancras (after having a small breakfast at McDonald's near Kings Cross) to the departure lounge for the Eurostar. It was fun at security at the Eurostar I forgot to take my fitness tracker as I went through the scanner so I got search oh I was lucky lol. We got there pretty early but getting early ruins in the family and it's better to be early than late just in case of anything.

Took us about 3 hours to arrive at Disneyland Paris arriving about 2pm. We rushed to the hotel first before anything so we didn't have to keep on carrying our bags and cases around the park.

The park itself is split into sections, there is Disneyland Village which is on the left of the picture above when some of the shops & restaurants (most of them not owned by Disney such Earl Of Sandwich, McDonalds etc), in the middle is Disney Studios and on the far right not in the picture is the main Disney park where all the popular/famous rides are.

There is 6 Disney hotels 4 of which are behind me in the picture of me above this one while there the other 2 are out of the park itself by a few minutes where our one was, the one we were staying in for 3 nights was the Cars themed Santa Fe.

After checking in we went straight back to the park via very regular shuffle buses they use to transport guests. You have to get searched via the parks security before entering the Disney Village and then the Disney Studio & Disney Park which we didn't do on the Friday as we have decided to do that first on Saturday as we knew it was going to be full of people that be waiting an hour at least for a ride. 

When me and my brother last went to the park many many years ago we went to a dinner show called Buffalo Bills Wild West Show which is still going so when we first booked the trip. The show was a special thing to me and my brother due to how long ago we last went and how much we remembered about it that it was the thing we made sure was booked when we were booking everything else for the trip. You get served food while watching a wild west themed show featuring Cowboys, American Indians and real buffalo and horses.

We started the next day off by going straight to the main Disney Park which we managed to get in early so wasn't that much people around which was about 9.30-sh. While the rides at the park don't really open til 10am it gave us time to walk around, take (many many) selfies and decide what rides to go on. 

We decided to go on the popular one which we went on the last time in 2002, Space Mountain. I confess I am a bit scared of certain rides this was one of them but thought oh what the hell. Well I like to think the picture above shows how I was feeling lol

Due to we were only at the park til Monday we were realistic about how many rides we could go on during the day so on Saturday we done 2 rides after Space Mountain and 3 rides the next day in Disney Studios before moving onto other things as it was going to get very busy later on.

I am only showing only a few pictures that I took on my phone, you can see all the ones I took with my canon at my tumblr which can be found here

To end the final night there we went to this amazing and posh Ratatouille inspired restaurant which was so amazing inside which made it even better when the food was spot on, I recommend searching through my Instagram & Twitter images if you want to see the food I had as it was so yummy!

The only bits I can moan about the holiday was that I believe I got a bit of food poisoning from something I had on the first night and on Monday we had to kill 4/5 between getting checked out from our hotel to able to check in the Eurostar back to the UK.

Part from that I can't fault the trip it was worth the wait and I do want to go back but longer than 4 days.

If you have been to Paris or other Disneyland resorts be sure to comment below

Thanks for reading!


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I’m so excited for you and jealous!

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