The Cherry Post No.5 / Have A Break, Have A...

The Cherry Post No.5 / Have A Break, Have A...

Hello all to The Cherry Post No.5!

As you can see this post is posted on a Thursday instead of a Friday as the previous 4 posts have been published on. If you follow me on my socials or been reading the cherry posts I am on my way to Disneyland Paris tomorrow so thought today would be the best day as I will be too busy getting to the resort and other stuff etc


Last week I done a lot of printing so this week I decided to clean & tidy up the print shed as it does get very messy. One of the things that took was the longest was sorting out the printing ink that I use and some of it was leaking in the chest of drawers where I keep it all so my hands went from black to bright orange to blue til I was able to clean it all.

As you can see in the vine above, I have a lot. 

After sorting out the shed I decided to update a few Bonfirecherry social sites that I haven't updated in a while which was Pinterest & Tumblr. At the time I am writing this post up I have updated the Pinterest but still working on updating the Tumblr as that will take the longest to update. It's funny with Tumblr as it's the oldest site that I have got (Well twitter would have been but my first account which I started in 2008 I deleted and the second account got hacked) I use it a lot when it comes to Throwback Thursday as thats where I keep a lot of old Bonfirecherry college pictures and stuff inbetween that and what Bonfirecherry is now. I am Bonfirecherry on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo, Tumblr, Instagram & Vine so I am easy to find

I do try my best to keep updating all but it's often some I update regally such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Vine which I will be using a lot during the next 4 weeks away to show off holiday pics/vines

I think the rest will do be my good so I can get inspired with new designs.

Comment below what your dream holiday destination is :)

Thanks for reading!

The Cherry Post No.6 will be published next Friday.


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