The Cherry Post No.4 / New Prints & A Short Break

Hello all!

Hope everyone is well. I have been busy since last the post so thought I share in this post what I produced. If you may have noticed this week I have released 2 new linocut print designs this week

"Chocolate Stack" As you can tell is inspired by chocolate, yummy isn't it?

"It's All Gone A Bit Cuckoo" Inspired by by a cuckoo clock that I came across in Cornwall in 2014.

Comment below which design you like more :)

I've had some of these ideas in my mind for awhile which I finally got around to producing at the start of the week as I am going away on a short break next Friday so wanted to focus on print work this week so next week I can focus on other stuff before the break. 

For this short break I will be out of the country so the shop will be closed from Thursday 18th February at 4.30pm and will reopen the end of Monday 22nd February. I will of course keep updates on everything via twitter, facebook, instagram & vine while I am away and when I am back so you guys don't miss out when the shop has reopened. 

After the break I will be working on sorting out for the fair in April (and a possible earlier one in March) as I have built up even new stock since the last fair in December to show off that I want to go through previous (recent) layouts to see what will work with all the new designs, it's going to be good as I love going over layout plans for fairs seeing what will attract the attention the most. Like what I did last year, expect some blog posts about that.

Thanks for reading & be sure to check out the previous cherry posts by clicking on the tag "The Cherry Post" down below.


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