The Cherry Post No.3 / The F word

The Cherry Post No.3 / The F word

Hello all to The Cherry Post No.3

The last 2 posts have been about tote bags so in this post I thought I talk about future plans and fairs (yes that the F words mean in the title) as I have been thinking about both of them this week.

Following on from the commission I talked about in No.2 I had a bit of a challenge finding big enough postage tubes to send the the order out (4 tote bags and a poster) as I looked everywhere I could but in the end I bought a bulk of them online which were the best & the order got sent without any problems. Now I am left with some postage tubes which got me thinking, what can I do that will make the rest of the tubes I've got spare gets used?


As an experiment I will be producing only a few A1 size posters for to see how they are with Bonfirecherry's customers + that way the tubes can be ordered for one of the reasons they are used for. I currently have some ideas planned but won't be til March/April time that I plan on working on the design as I've got some new print designs planned which you be seeing in the upcoming weeks.

Speaking of March/April I have booked my first fair for 2016 which will be in April so that is exciting, I will be adding all the info about it all around the social sites & the front of when it is confirmed. Usually there is a fair that I like to do in March which is likely going to happen but haven't announced it yet. I will be producing posters for the fair too along with other stuff.

As usual expect blog posts about how the fair went for Bonfirecherry when it happens March/April as I always like to talk about the meeting new people to talk about the wonders of linocut.

Thanks for reading The Cherry Post No.3.

If you missed the previous 2 be sure to click on The Cherry Post tag below to see the other posts.

See you next week for No.4!


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