The Cherry Post No.2 / Lino Screen Printing Results

Hello all!

In The Cherry Post No.1 I talked about the idea of linocut printing with screen printing ink so in part 2 I thought I talk about the results.

I had a lot of fun with this experiment, looking back on it I probably should used a smaller design to test this out on instead of the Sika Deer inspired Chopper design but part from that, the idea to lino print with fabric screen printing ink worked!

Instead of a rubber roller I used a small foam roller, which you may have guessed didn't work well with a giant idea like Chopper so I used a big paint roller instead, see above the results :)

I also produced more Camera No.2 (Black) Large Handprinted totes with this method (using the smaller roller) and turned out great, not as bold as it previously was using lino printing ink but you can see the detail. As previous talked about, the positive with using fabric screen printing ink, this design dried a lot faster than if I used fabric printing ink.

At the moment it will only be Chopper (Red) and Camera No.2 (Black) Large Handprinted totes that be printed with fabric screen printing ink but later in the year I am hoping to change all the designs using this method including custom work.

As you may/may not have noticed I have changed a lot of the printed tote bags in price (eg the tote bags £11.50 to £8.00 for the exception of Cute Animals Vol.1 due to the design)

Comment below what design YOU would like to see on a tote

At the same time I was working on the screen printing ink project, I was producing some custom tote bags for one of my returning clients, isn't it cute?

I have more of these so if anyone else wants one, do please contact me :)

It's now two posts talking about printed bags so next week I will try to talk about other products Bonfirecherry can produce like prints, brooches & notebooks!

See you in The Cherry Post No.3!

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