The Cherry Post No.1 / Lino Printing With Screen Printing Ink?

Hello all!

I sometimes have a problem thinking of stuff to say for a blog post but I thought for a weekly thing I have started The Cherry Post. A weekly post on the going on every Friday all things relating to Bonfirecherry and other stuff!

By the time I am posting this, I will be showing off another new design tomorrow (Saturday) along with an exciting project which I highly recommend checking out as there is a coupon code in it for FREE SHIPPING which I've never done before (The catch is it can only be used once). I will post more stuff on my social sites tomorrow.

I have a custom design to work on during the weekend then there will be some new totes & prints produced. I won't go too much in them in this post but they are all inspired by different things so don't want to ruin it.

Speaking of totes, since I have started to produce printed lino bags there has been only one downside it that is a bit of pain, the ink. Fabric lino printing isn't as common as fabric screen printing so the demand for it very slim that there isn't much in the way of choice. I currently use the only known (that I know of) fabric lino printing ink which is only available in one size tube which costs a fair bit (hence the price of the bags) so I have been looking at different options and the only alternative to it is fabric screen printing ink which is lower in price & get more for it.

Only downside to that option is in the name "Fabric Screen printing ink" it's too wet for a normal rubber lino roller to use BUT I have recently discovered (via a lot of printing forums online) that I can use it I just need to change the type of roller which is a foam one instead of a rubber one. I have a new tote bag design planned (Originally a custom) which requires the most amount of ink I have used on a tote so that be the first design I will be testing this alternative out.

If it works, it will really help Bonfirecherry in many ways as the drying time for the alternative is a day while the current one is a few among other things. I will talk more about the development on this change as it comes along.

Thanks for reading The Cherry Post No.1, bring on No.2 next week!


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