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Originally posted March 7th 2015 on the old version of

Hi all! Ive been busy with project after project the past few weeks that I realised I havent done a written blog post in quiet some time but I promise to blog a lot more =)
As you may have noticed there is an Archive page at the site now where you can check out all of Bonfirecherry's previous work, which got me thinking about the prints I have made from then til now.
 One of them was the Mysterious Philosopher (above) inspired by street art and for my love of Banksy and based on a sculpture I saw at the V&A in London but made some changes like the face etc While I am writing this I am thinking of bringing the print back with some minor changes and more colour, what do you think? (comment below)
One of the big changes I made over time was inverting the idea like Black Watch Jim (Blue, Above) as I believe it makes the idea more full and doesnt love too much white space but purely depends on the idea.
What inspires me has changed too as I dont like to stick to one genre all the time I like to keep myself fresh like the Mysterious Philosopher was inspired by Street art while now its Stamps, Steam Punk and Japanese Packaging .
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