Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016 | Targets For The New Year

Hello all!

With 2016 soon approaching, I thought I talk about what Bonfirecherry has got planned in the new year. At the moment I still haven't got everything planned out like everything else I do but I thought I talk about it anyway as I like to keep everyone updated in things.

For most of the year I got some feedback that some of my products are "masculine" despite most of my customers being 70% women, with these new designs I am looking into making them more feminine but without going too much pink and girly just trying to find a "unisex" type of design if that makes sense.

Tote bags have been such a great seller in 2015 that I have one or two new designs planned for 2016! Well one of them is a books inspired design that I produced ages ago but I never got around to producing but I can promise you, you will find it cute!

Likewise with the brooches & notebooks I have taken feedback from those that there is going to be more designs in the works. Regarding notebooks, currently I use plain paper inside them but I have had a few suggestions to use graph/lined paper which will be coming soon to Bonfirecherry!

Of course, how I can not talk about new designs without talking about those wonderful unique linocut prints! Along with the new totes, brooches & notebook designs I have been working on new print designs too. I usually like to concentrate on a set theme to base a series of products on but I am going to break this for 2016 with a mixture of different themes to see works and what doesn't.

You may have noticed I haven't talked about that these new designs are based on and going on from the previous paragraph, I usually like to tease new designs but for 2016 all these new designs are going to a surprise to everyone.

Well that's the plan at least :)

Thanks for reading!


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