Bonfirecherry 2015 Highlights | Part 3 (Final)

Merry Christmas all, here comes the final part of Bonfirecherry 2015 highlights (yikes 3 parts!)!

Let's start the post off with saying thank you to everyone who has supported Bonfirecherry up to now, it truly means a lot and the reviews I've received this year always make me smile & motivate me to do better that's why I love showing those reviews off on my social networks a lot of the time.

After I produced the brooches (which I talked about in part 2) I was wondering for awhile what else I can do and after looking at my bookcase filled with tons of books I use for research, manga & notebooks which I have been collecting the past couple of years I thought "How about some Bonfirecherry notebooks?".

I did have to do some research into the creation of notebooks as I wanted to get them right for my customers. During the research it did get me thinking that these notebooks it would be a perfect way to bring back old designs that didn't work out as prints as I do have a big archive of designs that I could use. Like with the brooches I designed to use Camera No.2 as the first design which turned out well and became a great seller that it got me into producing more notebooks with other designs like the Typewriter which I later turned into a brooch design too.

Overall I am happy how the feedback from the notebooks turned out with them producing a lot of orders for Bonfirecherry that I am looking into developing them further in 2016 eg with graph and lined paper following peoples suggestions

Going on about my fair stall in the last part, I had the bag stand but still didn't look that professional in my eyes so I asked people who support me on Twitter and Facebook on what I should do and they said 2 things 1) Change the yellow table cloth for something plain and 2) A banner which I listened to and followed as shown in the look of the stall in the image above. Ok the table cloth isn't long enough but that's not really a big deal, does it look professional?

In my eyes now it does and makes everything stand out more which is perfect for me and people who walk past the stall at fairs that for me this new look is a highlight which I am going to look into developing further in 2016.

I think this covers all of Bonfirecherry 2015 highlights that I can think of, thank you to everyone who has read the previous 2 parts as the support you give does mean the world to me.

I am working on new ideas as we speak, I will go into 2016 targets in the next blog post

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!



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