Bonfirecherry 2015 Highlights | Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Bonfirecherry's highlights for 2015!

Let's start off with something that I wanted for awhile but never got around to sorting and that was a proper place I could make my wonderful products!

As I often give away in most of my pictures I do a lot of my creations in my bedroom from drawing to printing but with the tote bags and the fabric ink it did stink out my room which wasn't good as I often had to keep my bedroom windows open even when it was cold so thought a shed would be the best place but it was the price that put me off. Like with the luck regarding the bag stand in part 1, my family came across an a school which was closing down and selling off everything on a auction site with one of the things they were wanting to get rid of, a shed!

The shed was the right size for a table and a dry rack which was another thing I got for free via someone who was getting rid of one. I also like to think it makes Bonfirecherry look professional too if that makes sense? 

Since I started Bonfirecherry as a proper business 2 years ago (read more about the history in the 'About Bonfirecherry' page down in the menu at the bottom of the page) I started to sell my products on a huge arts/craft site called Etsy but wanted to do something big and that was have my own website. Took me awhile but managed to sort out via a website provider called Wix (talking about the old & not this version which I will talk about in a different post) which helped me seem professional of course there was pro's and con's from switching to Etsy but I done my research before hand which I haven't regretted since.

Saying that for any small crafters I do totally remember Etsy as your first site to sell your products but downside as it's a big site it is hard to hard to stand out. If you got any questions do contact me via the contact page in the menu below

For the first half of the year I came across some crafters who were selling some really interesting & detailed brooches but never understood how they came made them which got me curious. After some research I found out they used a material called shrink plastic, which I ordered straight as I really wanted to test out my own idea on it eager as a beaver.

The first time I tried using it I lino printed straight onto the material and then put in the oven, as the image shows above they look very difference to what the printed brooches look like now. The problem I was having was that the design was not drying so I went back to the drawing board and designed to use a computer printer instead but like what happened when I lino printed the design it just didn't want to dry!

This was really bugging me so much as I had no idea what was going wrong til I found out there is 2 version of shrink plastic a normal version you can draw on (which I had) & a inkjet printer version which I found out was the one I needed after all. So after I ordered the right material I then put it through my printer which then turned into the printed brooches you see now at

I was happy I finally gained a new skill in producing brooches that is a highlight despite the frustration beforehand but like most things they don't turn out perfect the first time around. 

After I finally sorted out how to produce printed brooches I had my next event which was a highlight for me as I could show off the bag stand & thew new items. Even though I had more interest & sales I had a great day and I am up for doing the event again next year. When I'm at a fair I always like to bring a piece of lino with me as some people have absolute no idea what the material is if they never used it at school so it is always a highlight explaining the whole process as it gives more depth to my products.

I think that's enough for part 2, thank you very much for reading!


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