Bonfirecherry 2015 Highlights | Part 1

As promised here is Bonfirecherry's highlights for 2015 and like my personal highlights this is going to be in parts as there is a lot to talk about!

I originally planned to write this highlights in sections like Part 1 Fairs, Part 2 Products but I thought I do these highlights in chronological order to make things interesting so as I'm writing even I don't know how many parts this is going to take to finish the highlights .

As I will be starting 2016 in the same way, I started off with new designs like Chopper, Captain's Astrolabe, 1st Class Skylark (Red + Purple) to spice up the shop as I like to keep my designs fresh which were fun to make. Around this time I did try to attempt to produce an Easter themed design that I would show off at my first event booked in march but sadly didn't turn out right first time (as a tote bag design) but was able to somewhat salvage the design and turned it into the print Basket Of Inspiration which you can find in the archive in the menu down below.

The first event of 2015 went well I had interest and sales which I felt lucky about as it was the day after my birthday. I carried on using the yellow table cloth that I used at previous events to get noticed but I had a problem showing off my tote bags but managed to sort that out which I will talk about later but overall the event was good with it's footfall (turn out of people) and sales that I attended the event in November.

If you read my personal highlights I briefly talked about a commission I got from a beautiful restaurant down in Cornwall called The Waymarker, I believe around the time or after of the first stall I had this year I got contacted by them regarding a commission (which at the time I am writing this is my biggest one) of creating a 2 lots of tote bags one with the Chopper design which you often see me post about on Twitter and Facebook time to time and a custom design which of course I accepted. Before this commission the biggest I had before was a series of prints was easy to produce but this was on a whole new level to what I was used to that I was unaware how much ink I needed to produce all these totes among other things but they were very understandable and without going to every single detail of the project it was fun which made it a pleasure to see the bags at their restaurant in person a few months later. You can see the other custom tote bag design above, first time ever showing it to everyone (of course the client saw it ages ago but you know what I mean) so please comment below telling me your thoughts.

As you may know alongside this print work I also work in retail and shortly after the first fair I came across a spare one of these at work which we use for suit covers which got me thinking "oh that will be perfect to show off my tote bags!" so I inquired if I could have it as I knew it was never going to get used and was taking up space.

Took awhile to get permission but they let me have for FREE how cool is that?! I confess I did get some weird looks carrying this home especially when I walked past some officers but I think they thought "what the hell is that?" than anything else haha. I have spray painted twice since but it has become one of my must have items on my stall regardless of what people think of it.


In 2014 I produced a video tutorial on lino printing (which I often share on my social sites) and during 2015 I became a big Vine user which I use with Bonfirecherry quite a lot so it made sense to produce a tutorial on it so people can use it too. Hope you can watch it if you haven't already, it sucks that the time I am writing this blog my camcorder is busted and can't afford a new one til next year as I would love to do a second one to this but oh well.

Wow I have talked about a lot in this blog and this was only upto March of this year, I think this is enough for part 1 I will talk what happens next for Bonfirecherry in part 2!


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