Christmas / New Year Break Part 3

Hello all!

On Friday I decided to close the shop at for 2 weeks because of Christmas and New Year as I need to relax and let out some steam so to speak but since the temporary closure I have had a lot of people I am connected to on my socials saying that I should keep the site open which has got me thinking most of the weekend on what to do.

My personal reason I decided to close was so I can relax and when I re-open in the new year I could show off new products as a big surprise. Of course I could lose out on potential christmas / new year sales but of course around this time of year the delivery times are weird.

After some thinking as you have noticed, I have decided to reopen the shop on this site BUT with a catch as I want to keep people happy and keep my promise to relax around this festive time. 

Due to the delivery times being weird around Christmas and New year, orders will be sent out when I can still with 5 star customer service. You will be updated on the status of your order by email. Normal delivery times will return after the new year.

This will only be on til the 1st January then everything with go back to normal, if you got any suggestions or anything please comment below as I would love your input

On a different note, I am working on products but realistically they won't be coming out til half way through next month but will keep everyone updated.

Thanks for reading!


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